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Join the team and change lives this summer!

Warm Beach Camp and Conference Center, the Northwest's premier camp and conference center, seeks energetic Christian individuals for a summer of ministry.
Do you have what it takes? Are you Responsible, Self-Motivated, have a Servant's Heart, a Passion for Jesus Christ, a Love for Others, and a Desire to Have Fun! Then come and join the team and invest yourself in a meaningful summer job at Warm Beach Camp.


Why Spend a Summer at Warm Beach Camp?

You will be a part of a community of believers committed to their work.

The Warm Beach Camp staff is a group of believers from all over our nation who have been drawn together through Christ to reach and raise up a new generation in Christ through a Christian camp experience. As a staff we strive to be united with one heart, one purpose, and together embark on this journey of summer ministry. Through the challenges, struggles, and great blessings, we depend on each other and often develop deep, fulfilling friendships that last for years to come.

You will have the chance to invest in the lives of children and youth.

As a member of the Warm Beach Camp summer staff you will have opportunities to share the faith which we have and encourage children and youth in their relationship with Jesus Christ. Staff in any position can have the opportunity to share the love of God through a variety of ways, each special to the work assigned.

You will have the opportunity to grow in your faith.

Although your journey with Christ will have many ups and downs no matter where you are, a summer of ministry at Warm Beach Camp will teach you to depend fully on Christ through all the challenges and blessings you may face. You will have opportunities to participate in Bible studies and devotions with your brothers and sisters in Christ and be able to seek God through prayer, small groups, and worship.


You will have tons of fun!

Warm Beach Camp is located about an hour North of Seattle over looking the natural beauty of the Port Susan Bay. You will get to experience the great outdoors of the Pacific Northwest, and partake in activities that include Swimming, Ropes Course, Challenge Course, Canyon Adventures, Hiking, Climbing Tower, Canoeing, Horseback Trail Rides, Camp Fires, Quality bonding time with your co-workers, and so much more!

Important Details

  • A standard summer staff contract starts June 15 and continues through August 25.
  • Staff Contracts can begin as early as May and could continue as late as September.
  • Staff must attend orientation the first week (see dates below). Staff will receive a stipend for that week of orientation. (Your contract pay will begin the following week.)
  • Summer staff are required to live on-grounds and will live in dorms or cabin style accommodations with other staff members or campers.
  • Meals are provided during the week, and optional weekend meals are provided as well. In most accommodations there is a kitchen available to make your own meals for your times off, if desired.
  • Scheduled time off will depend largely on position.
    • Counselors will have Saturday lunch to Sunday afternoons and several hours off each day.
    • Wranglers will have Saturday evening to Monday morning off, having some Saturday afternoons off, and a couple evenings off each week.
    • Recreation, Accommodations, Food Service, and Maintenance staff will have a varied schedule and may include several days off a week, working most weekends.
  • Requested time off (such as weddings, school functions, ect.) must be in writing and given the "ok" from your supervisor prior to being hired-if at all possible.
  • We will interview applicants as they apply and will accept applications until all positions are filled.

Important Dates

  • Program and Horse Camp counselors arrive around 4pm, June 15th.
  • Wranglers arrive June 11th, to participate in a certification clinic through the 15th, all summer staff orientation will begin June 18th.
  • Food Service, Accommodations, Maintenance, and Recreation staff arrives sometime that weekend of June 16th, depending on availability, and the pre-arranged date and time on contract.
  • First summer camps begin June 25th and the last day of camp is August 25th.

Mission Statement of Warm Beach Camp

We exist to provide environments, experiences, and resources which draw people of all ages to God through the ministry of Christian camping.

Desired Outcomes of Warm Beach Camp

  • To see people come to know Jesus Christ
  • To see people grow in Christian living
  • To see people prepare for worldwide service
  • To see people helped through education
  • To see people nurtured through character-building activities
  • To see people have fun
  • To see people experience rest and renewal in a retreat setting

Substance Abuse Policy:

Warm Beach Christian Camps and Conference Center maintains a firm commitment to provide safe and healthy work environment for its employees and quality services to its constituency. The success of this commitment depends largely upon the health of our employees. Warm Beach Christian Camps and Conference Center recognizes that substance abuse has an adverse impact on employee health and impairs our ability to maintain a safe environment free from the effects of alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs. We conduct random drug tests at Warm Beach Camp. Submission to such testing is a condition of employment at Warm Beach Camp.

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