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Last Saturday night our family attended the Lights of Christmas at Warm Beach Camp near Stanwood, WA. The "Lights" are just spectacular and the evening is filled with the sights and sounds of Christmas. A majestic nativity scene is the highlight for me and I also love the Victorian Carolers, "Bruce the Spruce" the talking Christmas tree, hot donuts, apple cider, amazingly gifted musicians, holiday theater, and on and on.

A funny thing happened as we arrived there by car. The parking attendants were waving their flashlights directing traffic and we got headed towards the wrong parking area. I realized it pretty quickly and shared with one of the traffic directors that we were staying overnight at Deer Mountain Lodge. He had me turned around and that is when the fun started.

When we got turned around, he shouted to the next traffic director, at the top of his lungs, "Deer Mountain Lodge", "Deer Mountain Lodge", who then passed it on to the next traffic person at the top of his lungs he shouted, "Deer Mountain Lodge" and then the next person, and on and on it went from person to person. We all cracked up. It was so funny! We were being announced to all the people within earshot, that we were headed for "Deer Mountain Lodge". We now have another Merry Christmas memory for 2009.

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