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I'm dreaming of The Lights of Christmas

LOC_Volunteers_240Christmas is truly a magical time of the year. That is particularly true here at WBC as everything comes together for The Lights of Christmas. But this event doesn’t happen by magic. A lot of planning and work goes on all year long to pull it all together.

The light hanging crew start hanging lights the first week of September and their work isn’t finished until all the lights are down in early February.

The effort always builds to a fever-pitch in November and December! One of the high points is the Thanksgiving Working Weekend, November 22-25. During this event, volunteers help to do the final set-up, placing the last of the indoor and outdoor decorations. Velda Millard who orchestrates this event said, “During Working Weekend, you get to meet new people and be a part of this huge event.”

During The Lights of Christmas, which opens November 29th, more than 100 volunteers are needed each of the 22 nights the event is open. As you can imagine, there are a wide variety of jobs: indoor hosting, parking attendants, pony ride attendants, train conductors, and much more.

And then, as suddenly as it all began, the event is over! And yet, even then we aren’t through. The two days after The Lights closes, December 30 and 31, is “Take-Down,” the last big push to make the event happen, when the decorations are all packed up and put away in storage.

This is always when we have the hardest time getting enough volunteer help. Velda says, “Unfortunately, if we don’t have enough volunteers for Take-Down, we spend months putting away decorations instead of a couple of days.” A good Take-Down crew is essential to the success of next year’s event and determines how quickly we can wrap up the loose ends of The Lights this year.

The volunteers of these three events are the heroes of The Lights of Christmas! Would you like to join us? To sign up or see a complete listing of volunteer opportunities, go to The Lights of Christmas Volunteer Page on our website.

Let the magic begin!

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