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Counselor In Training (CIT)

Counselor in Training (CIT)Summer 2014 - Develop your leadership potential while growing closer to Christ. The CIT program is a leadership training experience for high school age campers entering their sophomore or junior year. It's a minimum of a two-week commitment. Your first week is training while attending the High School Leadership Camp (June 22-28, 2014) and the second week is of practical experience during Day Camp (K-4) or Special Friends Day Camps (adults with disabilities). CIT's are invited to volunteer beyond the two-week program. Arrangements can be made with the Day Camp Director.

Experience Gained

Warm Beach Camp's Counselor-in-Training program will help campers discover:

  • Their own leadership style
  • Their strengths and weaknesses in communication skills
  • The unique needs of individual campers and how to relate to them

CITs will also:

  • Discuss Biblical principles for growth and leadership
  • Gain understanding of Warm Beach Camp’s philosophy
  • Learn the qualities of job performance required of camp staff
  • Participate in the High School Leadership Camp, June 22-28, (the training week of the CIT Program).
  • Plan/lead games and activities
  • Learn how to lead a camper to Christ
  • Make mature judments when responcible for the welfare and happiness of others
  • Build healthy personal relationships
  • Contribute in positive ways as a group member
  • Teach a Bible study

PROGRAM  COST:  $398.00.  The cost of the program includes one week of High School Leadership Camp, plus a second week during the summer as an Assistant Counselor in Day Camp/Special Friends Camp. The CIT program is a minimum of a two-week commitment but additional weeks as a counselor is welcome and to be arranged by the Day Camp Director.

QUALIFICATIONS:  CIT candidates are a group of persons who have demonstrated readiness for training in Christian leadership.  Candidates must…

  • Be actively attending Church
  • Possess a confident personal relationship of faith in Christ
  • Have completed their freshman year in high school
  • Be eager for personal growth
  • Enjoy working with young boys and girls and/or adults with disabilities
  • Have four letters of recommendation, two from their Pastor or Youth Pastor or another Christian Worker, one from a Teacher and one from a personal Friend.

Be sure to register now for the High School Leadership Camp and download and complete the CIT Application!

Download Application

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