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Take your horsemanship skills to the next level - all year long!

We are committed to providing a safe, caring, hands-on learning experience with horses! This is as close as it gets to owning your own horse! Our horsemanship staff is CHA certified.

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Equestrian Vaulting

Equestrian Vaulting

You'll be surprised at what you can do!

Warm Beach Horse Camps have offered vaulting as a part of the camp experience for almost twenty years. Vaulting promotes balance, confidence and a oneness with the horse. Many students have taken vaulting lessons as a means of improving their riding skills. Others find it a challenging and unique sport in itself.

The sport of vaulting combines dance and gymnastics performed on the back of a moving horse. Rooted in horsemanship training of ancient Greece, Vaulting is very popular in Europe and is even the national youth sport of Germany. Over the last three decades, through the efforts of the American Vaulting Association and others, Vaulting has increased in popularity in the US.

The Vaulting Program provides weekly lessons, opportunities for exhibition performances, and a chance for selection on to the competition team. Warm Beach Vaulters promote teamwork, personal responsibility, and caring for others in Jesus’ name alongside the development of the physical talents of the sport. Our goal is to help every vaulter experience success while keeping the path clear to the cross!

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Equestrian Vaulting a growing sport in the area, article by Herald writer, Rich Myhre

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Vaulting Camps

Vaulting Camp at Warm Beach Christian CampWhether you're a beginner or a seasoned vaulter, you can spend a weekend in the spring or a week in the spring and/or summer fine-tuning your skills or learning some new compulsory or freestyle moves. Instructional camps provide concentrated learning experiences and camaraderie with others who love vaulting.

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Vaulting Lessons

Vaulting at Warm Beach Camp

Refine your vaulting skills and learn new ones all year long through weekly lessons. Lessons last approximately 90 minutes and include a short devotional time that helps you grow closer to God. Any skill level is welcome; ages 3 to adult.

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Warm Beach Vaulters

Warm Beach Camp Vaulters

Warm Beach Vaulters compete throughout the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia. Since 2007, they have competed nationally in diverse places such as Colorado, California, and Kentucky. Several WB Vaulters as well as Coach Patti Skipton and horses Nick & Jake made their way to Lexington Kentucky for the 2010 World Equestrian Games.

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Vaulting Program Manager

Kim Bell
Kim Bell vaulting program managerKim brings with her 35 years of horse experience, including coaching and starting a vaulting team, certification in Equine Accupressure, and extensive training and riding. Her desire is to use horses to teach youth confidence in Christ and themselves.