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High School Leadership

High School Leadership

Develop your leadership potential and grow personally, spiritually, relationally


High School Leadership Training Week and Training programs challenge students to grow in all areas of life. Most importantly, a person’s leadership influence flows from a healthy and growing relationship with God and a clear understanding of our identity in Christ. Building upon a spiritual foundation, students will learn communication skills that will enhance their relationships with friends, family, and throughout their community.

Students will:

  • grow in self-confidence
  • identify their unique strengths and leadership gifts
  • gain experience in team building, leading groups, communicating with confidence, conflict resolution, and goal setting

Leadership Training Week

Dates: June 22-27, 2015

Cost: $398 per person

Intensive leadership training week required for CITs, WITs, and FITs. The focus of this week is preparing students for a life of servant leadership. This week is a pre-requisite for those going into other summer leadership programs namely, Counselor in Training, Wrangler in Training, and Facilitator in Training. After Leadership Training Week, students will begin their specific Leadership Training Program (CIT, WIT, or FIT).

Learning is experiential. A week of Leadership Training is full of hands-on learning, coaching, and practical experience.

  • Peer-led Bible Study
  • Deepen spiritual disciplines such as prayer and scripture reading
  • Facilitator training in soft skills used in team-building
  • Climbing Tower leadership
  • Leading games/activities
  • Understanding stages of child development and how to design camp programs to meet needs
  • Grow in self-understanding of your strengths, gifts, and talents.
  • Build lifelong relationships with staff and fellow campers

Of course, all of this comes wrapped in summer camp fun complete with swimming, campfires, high ropes course, climbing tower, canoeing, horseback riding, field games, sports, and more.

To Apply:

Download and fill out the Facilitator In Training, Wranger In Training or Counselor In Training application (depending on your area of interest) and send to the Warm Beach Camp, Personnel Office, once application and four references are reviewed by the hiring manager and acceptance has been made into the program you will receive an email welcoming you to the program with a link to register for the Leadership Training Week with more information on arrival etc. 

Application Deadline June 1, 2015.

Download FIT Application Download WIT Application Download CIT Application

Leadership Programs


Monday, June 22rd
3:00pm – Check-in
4:30pm – Ice Breaker Activities
6:00pm – Dinner
7:00pm – Scavenger Hunt
8:30 – Chapel
9:30pm – Campfire/Staff Story
11:00pm – Lights Out

Tuesday, June 23th
7:00am – Devotions
8:00am – The Morning Show
8:30am – Breakfast
9:00am – Rotations: Team Building
12:30am – Lunch
1:00pm – Rotations: Team Building
6:00pm – Dinner
7:00pm – Chapel
8:00pm – Campfire/Staff Story
9:30pm – Night Swim
11:00pm – Lights Out

Wednesday, June 24th
7:00am – Devotions
8:00am – The Morning Show
8:30am – Breakfast
9:00am – Rotations: Team Building and Leadership Development
12:30am – Lunch
1:00pm – Rotations: Team Building
and Leadership Development
4:00pm – Pool, Mini-golf, Camp Store
5:00pm – Cabin Time
6:00pm – Dinner
7:00pm – Activity: Tie Dye
8:00pm – Chapel
9:00pm – Game
10:00pm – Campfire/Staff Story
11:00pm – Lights Out

Thursday, June 25th
7:00am –Devotions
8:00am – The Morning Show
8:30am -- Breakfast
10:00am – Leave for Camping Trip
*see camping trip schedule

Facilitator in Training (FIT)

Facilitator in Training Program at Warm Beach CampSummer 2015 - The FIT program is a leadership training experience for high school age campers entering their junior or senior year. Warm Beach Camp's Facilitator in Training program prepares young people to be challenge course facilitators and recreation staff in a Christian summer camp environment.

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Counselor In Training (CIT)

Counselor in Training (CIT)Summer 2015 - Develop your leadership potential while growing closer to Christ. The CIT program is a leadership training experience for high school age campers entering their sophomore year. Following the High School Leadership Training Week (June 22-27, 2015). CITs assist staff in Day Camp and Special Friends Camps. Students receive additional training in working with persons with disabilities and with young children ages 5-10. CIT's serve alongside trained college and adult staff learning how to direct games, activities, and safely care for campers. 

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Wrangler In Training (WIT)

thumb_100_summer-horsesSummer 2015 - The Wrangler in Training (WIT) program combines training as a Wrangler and Counselor in a summer-long experience for high school age participants. Following the High School Leadership Training Week (June 22-27, 2015), WIT's will gain valuable experience working with guests and campers involving safety, horsemanship instruction, group control, and horse care. WIT's apprentice alongside experienced horsemanship staff assisting with trail rides, riding lessons, and all manner of horse and facility care.

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Matthew Lambert

Youth and Outdoor Ministry Director

Matt-LambertMatt brings a deep heart for Jesus, a love for kids, and tremendous creativity to the youth camp program. W-Bar-B Youth Camp benefits from his many years of experience as a camper, counselor, intern, and year-around staff.