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Play! Grow! Discover!

Unplug and join this fun and action-packed week of superhero development!

Join us for an exciting week of Camp at W-Bar-B Ranch, where campers will experience God through outdoor adventure and activities, positive peer and counselor relationships, and time exploring God's Word!

Each day, we learn about God's love through small group study, skits and activities. During evening chapel time, camp pastors share the good news of God's love and what it means to be in relationship with God, self and others. Junior Camp is open to overnight campers entering 4th, 5th, and 6th grades. Junior High Camp open to those entering 7th, 8th, and 9th grades.


Junior and  Junior High Camp at W-Bar-B Ranch

Parents, please join us for Saturday Family BBQ and closing program: a high energy review of the week begins at 11am and concludes with a casual lunch picnic that sends you on your way with a smile.

"I am so thankful to have such a wonderful trustworthy place to send my kid each year."
"Our kids repeatedly tell us the food is great and counselors are good. Lots of activities with a Christian emphasis."
"I send my grandchildren every year. They love it! The staff is great, and the kids are always busy."

Camper Parents

2016 Dates and Prices

NEW Tier Pricing for 2016 - Realizing families have different abilities to pay, Warm Beach Camp now has a three-tier fee structure to meet everyone’s needs.

Tier Pricing Details

  • Tier 1 – covers approximately 75% of the actual cost of camp
  • Tier 2 – covers approximately 90% of the actual cost of camp
  • Tier 3 – reflects the actual cost of operating and maintaining camp

When you register, you will be asked to select a price tier. This choice is completely up to you and will depend upon which tier you believe will work best for your family’s priorities. We do not ask for documentation of any kind and your choice will not affect your camper’s camp experience. If Tier 1 still presents a barrier, financial assistance through the Kids 2 Camp Scholarship Fund is available through an application process. If you have any questions, contact our Registration Department.

Session Dates Grades Rates
Tier 1 / Tier 2 / Tier 3
Junior Camp #103 Mon - Sat, July 4-9 4-6 $359 / $430 / $478
Junior Camp #105 - FULL Mon - Sat, July 18-23 4-6 $359 / $430 / $478
Junior Camp #107 - FULL
Mon - Sat, July 31 - August 5 4-6 $359 / $430 / $478
Junior Camp #109 Mon - Sat, August 15-20 4-6 $359 / $430 / $478
Jr Camp: Register Now
Junior High Camp #204 Mon - Sat, July 11-16 7-9 $359 / $430 / $478
Junior High Camp #206 Mon - Sat, July 25-30 7-9 $359 / $430 / $478
Junior High Camp #208 Mon - Sat, August 8-13 7-9 $359 / $430 / $478
youth-camp-registration" class="button" type="button">Register Now

For more information email the Registration Department
or call 360-652-7575 / 800-228-6724 toll free during office hours 8:30am - 5:00pm, Monday thru Friday.