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High Ropes Circuit

The perfect team-building and personal development experience.

Participants will achieve more as individuals and a group than ever thought possible! The High Ropes Circuit builds confidence and trust by moving participants out of their comfort and into a situation of "perceived risk."

Your safety is our first concern. The Challenge Course is designed to create a "perception of risk" within a solid framework of safety. The High Ropes Circuit consists of different elements made out of wood, rope, and cable, 25' above the ground. During each session, facilitators assist participants through the various elements and instruct on safety.

Seasonal Availability: March - November (as scheduled by Warm Beach Camp)

The High Ropes Circuit may be part of a group's program or individual guests may join an open session group. The minimum age is 12 years old.

  • A Recreation Waiver must be completed to participate (parent or guardian signature required for minors)
  • We request that participants wear long pants and close toed shoes

Considering the High Ropes Circuit for your event? For any group seeking a complete team building experience, we recommended participating in a 1/2 or full day Group Initiative and Challenge Course experience.

For all group arrangments, a group leader must make reservations as early as possible, at least 3 weeks before the event.
Make reservations today! Please send a message to the Guest Service Department or call at 800-228-6724.