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Recreation Fields

250_recfield_03Warm Beach has two large recreation fields, the EAST and WEST fields.

  • The EAST field is closer to the RV area and is adjacent to the Basketball/Tennis courts. It has a built-in backstop for ball games.
  • The WEST field is larger and is located behind the Mini-Lodges and Mountain cabins; It is a wide open field with green grass year round, and is perfect for games of soccer or "Capture the Flag".

If your group has a concentrated period of time that you would like to use one of the fields, they may be reserved through the Guest Service office. Fields can be reserved at no charge. Group Recreation Reservation Information.pdf

For all group arrangments, a group leader must make reservations as early as possible, at least 3 weeks before the event.
Make reservations today!
Please send a message to the Guest Service Department or call at 800-228-6724.