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2014 Evergreen Boys State set for new location

EBS photo 300Contract signing. After months of searching, several weeks of negotiations and visits to the new site, a group of Evergreen Boys State and Department leaders signed a new multi-year contract with Warm Beach Conference Center for the Evergreen Boys State Inc. program.

To give some background on why the move was facilitated at this time, and after several years of study with numerous previous bids, this was the perfect time and place to take EBS into the future.

Foremost, in our recent history is the organizational changes that have impacted the University Systems, (CWU) made our ability to plan and work with them most difficult over time. CWU cuts to available facilities and building use has made it difficult to expedite our program, with no information on rooms and housing to the last possible date. The costs have been dramatically increased for both the facilities and transportation. Costs at CWU in 2014 were estimated at 17% more than 2011, a problem for all, with an 11% increase for 2014 alone.

The student distribution (their homes) has dramatically shifted by population changes over the last 10 years. Only around 24% of EBS students live east of the Cascades. This factor means that 75% of EBS students were paying substantially higher costs because of transportation.

This is how we reached the conclusion; it is time to make a change. Costs, the 2014 prices at the Post level would have to be increased fifty dollars per student. Costs for transportation for the majority, would easily reach a hundred dollars per students by 2014. We explored the possibility of a shorter program, minus a day or maybe two for the same price. It was felt we could not accomplish our mission if we reduced the days. The last possibility was to again, call for bids with proposals to change the facilities and location.

In the requests for proposals for new locations, 7 different locations with facilities responded. We received cost proposals from four locations, and made visitations. After the initial EBS Staff visitation and evaluation, a second visitation for the Department leadership was arranged and at that time, June 11, 2013 a contract was signed that will take us through 2016.

What the new location, Warm Beach Conference Center, will do for one inclusive price, give us exclusive use of a world class facility with room for growth. With this location and facility we should be able to maintain the current 2013 program costs for the next five, plus years. With this well-known location, between Stanwood and Smoky Point just off Interstate 5, we will be able to attract more students because of its central location to the bulk of our State student populations. We will decrease the costs by well over 50% for transportation to most, and only increasing transportation costs for a minority. The short of it is, the overall cost to the Posts and students in 2014, is estimated to be reduced by more than $20,000 from the previous 2014 estimated cost.

The Warm Beach Facility seems to be tailor-made for the Evergreen Boys State Program. We are sure there will be challenges to this new facility, however I am sure that between their helpful staff and our knowledgeable staff with more than 250 years of experience, will have no major issues with this move. We look forward to a strong partnership with the Warn Beach Conference Center, as we continue with the building of the best Boys State program in the Nation.

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