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5 Summer Activities at Warm Beach Camp!

Sometimes on a summer getaway you just want to sit back, relax, and take a break from the action of life, but other times it’s an opportunity to get out, be active, and try new things! Relaxing is easy at Warm Beach Camp, and so is trying a fun activity. We know people like to have an idea of what they’re getting into with activities though, so here are some ideas for fun ways to spend your time during your group’s summer visit!

1. Take a dip in the pool!

The pool is the best place to cool off during the hot days of summer! Kurt Von Pessler, the Aquatics Director for Warm Beach Camp, does a great job of making a safe, fun, and adventurous environment at the pool. If you find yourself in the playful waters while he is the lifeguard on duty, make sure to ask him to get a whirlpool going! Warm Beach Camp’s pool facility has two outdoor pools side-by-side, one that is uniformly 3 feet deep, and another that goes from 3 feet deep to 7 feet deep. If your group is visiting this summer, or plans to visit in future summers, make sure to ask the Guest Service team about making a splash at the pool!

2. Try the disc golf course!

Warm Beach Camp is home to a fun, mostly wooded, fairly short 9-hole disc golf course! With some tight fairways and other more open ones, it’s a great place to get started or hone your already developed skills in the quickly growing sport. The course is free to play, so bring your discs while your group is here and give it a whirl!

3. Paddle around in some canoes!

The estuary at Warm Beach Camp is a beautiful thing to behold and there’s no better way to enjoy it than in one of our smooth riding canoes! The simple s-curve of the water leading out into Port Susan Bay is breathtaking. It is also located on the Pacific Flyway, so get ready to see lots of birds as you paddle through the cattails. Canoeing is an add-on adventure, so make sure your group leader knows to schedule this activity with a guest service host before your stay.

4. Take a swing at mini-golf!

Warm Beach Camp’s mini-golf course is a wonderful way to have a blast while not straining yourself too much during a hot summer day! Located near the pool, this nine-hole putt-putt course is sure to be fun for all ages. With a good mix of fun and technical shots, it will keep everyone from kiddos to seasoned golfers engaged. Remember to ask the Guest Service team about the availability of the mini-golf course during your next visit!

5. Hike around the grounds!

Fun Fact: Warm Beach Camp has over 14 miles of hiking trails spread throughout the grounds! From forested strolls to open walks right next to the estuary, there’s always something new to experience while on a hike here. During your group’s visit, make sure to budget some time to explore the wonder of God’s creation we are surrounded by here at Camp!

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