Core experiences are for every intern regardless of their area of concentration. Their internship supervisor will give priority to schedule Core experiences.

  • Weekly Bible study
  • Mentorship with a Christian leader
  • Leadership book or CD studies
  • Tour of another camp
  • Management meetings (cost center and master planning team meetings)
  • Christian Camp and Conference Association Sectional Conference
  • Board meeting(s)
  • Professional training workshop(s) – such as hiring, evaluating, supervision, conflict resolution, financial management
  • Cross-training into various aspects of camp operations
  • Intern retreat
  • Culminating project with assessment
  • End of year intern reflection paper/evaluation and exit interview

In addition to the Core program, Interns will serve alongside year-around staff in the planning, budgeting, staffing, management, and guest service aspects of their area of concentration. Training and experience will happen along the way of providing the ministries of Warm Beach Camp.