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An invitation to relationship

At the heart of a camp or retreat experience at Warm Beach Camp is one thing: An invitation to a relationship with Jesus Christ.

In our world today, we are dealing with all kinds of problems and proposed solutions. We see the realities of this show up at camp all the time. Jesus offers a clear response — it is surprisingly simple, and yet life changing. Jesus invites us into relationship.

Warm Beach Camp is all about inviting people into relationship. The people, experiences, and programs are all built around healthy relationships that communicate love and acceptance. Forgiveness is lived out daily. Grace is extended. Community values are practiced for the benefit and encouragement of everyone.

There is a simple truth — healthy relationships are the basis for a healthy world. God made us this way. There is one relationship that brings it all together and allows life to work… a relationships with Jesus Christ.

Ed McDowell, Executive Director
Warm Beach Camp and Conference Center

A Program in God’s Time

By Jessica Beach, Volunteer Coordinator Every once in a while, God makes Himself and His timing unmistakably known. This certainly was the case one day this past January when I met Debbie Clymer for the first time. Debbie, a speech therapist, was interested in exploring volunteer options at Warm Beach Camp, so she came to meet with me to discuss possibilities. As we talked, I learned that Debbie had time available to serve, was very eager to help, and was ...

Kids 2 Camp Continues to Touch Young Lives!

With summer right around the corner, registrations are coming in for the summer youth camps. It also means that we are receiving requests for help through the Kids 2 Camp program. Without financial assistance, some of the children and youth who will be coming this summer would be unable to experience their week at camp. A number of these kids come from churches and social service agencies who are working with at-risk youth. For many of these kids, a week ...

Brandon’s Ticket

I asked him if he had worked for that money, and he said, "Yes, I did!" and he stood a little taller. He said, "I worked all year to save up this money to come to camp. I sure did a lot of yard work for this." He began counting out the coins and stacking them up; I suggested he keep the quarters and give me the nickels and dimes so his bag would be lighter. He counted out the ...