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Horseback Riding and Vaulting Lessons are being offered this fall. These weekly lessons are ideal for riders to sustain the riding improvements they experience during summer camp. For more information, contact email Patti or call her at the Camp.

Eyerusalem McDowell, daughter of Ed and Bev McDowell, was recently named a “Shining Star” by the Stanwood School District for the ’07-’08 school year. This award is given to students who have demonstrated their abilities to work hard and overcome challenges. Eyerus was one of 11 students to receive this award.

Do you have some time and the desire to volunteer? We are always looking for people willing to help with a wide variety of projects around the Camp. Right now, we could particularly use some help with painting projects, light testers, and a builder for The Lights department, volunteer nurses, and grounds-keeping help. From projects requiring skilled trades professionals to ones that take no special skills at all – we have something you can help with. Please email Volunteer Coordinator, Jessica Beach, or call her at the Camp.

Curtis O’Day and Lydia Overton, both of whom work in the Camp’s Recreation Department, were married in a ceremony at the Cedarhome Baptist Church in Stanwood on June 14, 2008. The newlyweds are living in Stanwood, Washington.

Warm Beach Camp’s new portable Initiatives Course means that we can bring team-building initiatives to you! Our facilitators will come to your location with a custom program to work on group skills, learning, teamwork, communication, personal growth or anything else through challenging activities for the mind and body. Fun for everyone, this is ideal for your business, school, church, missions team or club. If you are not able to come to WBC, we can now come to you. For more information or to schedule your group, please contact Guest Services.

Sarah Karstetter, who works in the Marketing Department for the Camp, was married to Jake Eschbach in Custer, Washington, on July 20, 2008. Sarah and Jake are living on Camano Island, Washington, and Jake is working for Costco.

For the latest information about WBC, check the Camp’s website. Information about our programs, facilities, employment, and more is a mouse-click away. You can even make donations online through our secure online system. Check out the new Camp videos available online. And, new features are always being added to the website. Be sure to check it often.

One of the newest features at our website is Online Registration now available for The Lights of Christmas and many retreats and events throughout the year. Now you can register for a Camp event any time you want. It is convenient, fast and simple. WarmBeach.Com is your one-stop-shop for all things WBC.

Warm Beach Camp hosts dozens of school, church, governmental, and non-profit events each year. If you or someone you know of is planning a camp, conference, training program, or retreat, suggest they contact WBC or go to our website.


Please Help People Reconcile with God

Photo by Lauren Richmond on Unsplash And all of this is a gift from God, who brought us back to himself through Christ. And God has given us this task of reconciling people to him. 2 Corinthians 5:18 NLT The cultural conversation today about religion is surrounded with words of proselytize, solicit, convert, and indoctrinate. These words are spoken as if religion is just selling and convincing people to simply choose “my religion.” It is tempting to play this ...

5 Ways to Grow Leadership Potential

The subject of leadership fascinates, allures, and sometime repels us in many ways. Some aspire to become great leaders, whatever “great” means. Others shun leadership for all of the pitfalls and heartache toxic leadership may inflict. For all of the research and experienced opinion out there on the subject, it remains fascinatingly complex and simple all at the same time. Having served in Christian Camps and Conference Centers for over 30 years, I have seen my share of young people ...

An Experience to Remember

The elderly gentlemen carefully took out his debit card as his date stared at him with excitement and joy. “You know, we’ve lived in the area a long time but have never been here before. Where should we go first?” As I took out a map, and explained some of the festival highlights, the woman’s eyes began to widen with anticipation. “Thank you so much. Have a great night and a very Merry Christmas!” I exclaimed as the couple folded ...
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