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Camp Home

I was first introduced to the Warm Beach Camp community 27 years ago. I was managing condominiums in Colorado when I was led by the Holy Spirit to get back into Christian camping.

When I flew out to interview for the Horsemanship Director position, I was immediately welcomed by a genuine and loving community. As my wife, Holly, and I sat around a table enjoying a potluck dinner provided by Warm Beach Camp, we felt right at home. We sat and listened to each person’s life story; we knew this was a community we already felt part of.

Holly and I lived in three different houses in our first four years of marriage. As we sat in the living room of our new house at Warm Beach Camp with our two kids, we finally felt like we were home.

Our camp house was not very large. In fact, the dining room was so small that we had to replace our dining room chairs with benches so the four of us could fit. The bathroom was so small that you could sit on the toilet and wash your hands or reach in and turn on the shower all at once.

It did not take long to realize it was not the house that made us feel at home, it was the community. A community that gathers every workday for a time of devotions and prayer, laughs together, cries together, and rallies around an individual or family in need by providing meals, childcare, money, and even vehicles.

Even in a time when we are not able to gather for our daily devotions, or gather together to share a potluck meal, or share workspaces, or even greet each other with a hug or even a handshake we are still a community that cares for one another.

We learned to adapt and replace the in-person daily devotion time with an emailed devotion and virtual prayer time. We replaced potlucks with online cooking challenges and photos of the outcomes. Workspaces were shared through video conferencing, and hugs and handshakes were conveyed with emojis.

I am continually blessed to be part of a wonderful and caring community known as Warm Beach Camp and Conference Center.

-Eugene Barnes, Director of Hospitality Services
Warm Beach Camp


Photo by Courtney Hedger on Unsplash I am grateful for...  God. He has been showing His faithfulness and drawing me closer to Him.  The generosity of others. People have been supporting the ministry with a level of generosity that is so encouraging through this time. Thank you!  The Lights of Christmas: “A Drive-Thru Christmas” in 2020. It has brought encouragement to so many. It is quite likely that more people have come this year than ever before. Wow! It has brought provision to Warm Beach Camp ...

The Hope That Christmas Brings

Despite the COVID pandemic The Lights of Christmas presents: “A Drive-Thru Christmas” is shaping up to be one of the most successful Christmas seasons Warm Beach Camp has ever seen. Tickets are selling out, donuts are flying off the shelves, and the retail tent is running to keep up with the demand. One Saturday night a volunteer named Ron was helping a guest at the end of the event. A man in his 60s pulled in and began asking Ron ...

Horses Bring Hope

Warm Beach Horsemanship is one of the few programs at Camp that can follow CDC guidelines and remain open, providing a place of hope and healing during these challenging times. Due to the restrictions caused by COVID-19 many people’s lives have been thrown into turmoil. Things we once took for granted have been stripped away from us, however amidst this turmoil there is HOPE…    Those missing physical touch can wrap their arms around a horse and feel the comfort that comes from an embrace. Words cannot express the joy and healing ...