CHA Standard Certification

CHA Standard Certification

CHA Standard Certification

Test your horsemanship knowledge. Get certified as an instructor through CHA.

The Benefits of CHA certification are numerous. Certification is a validation of the individual's knowledge and ability and demonstrates to employers and customers that the instructor has been proven against a respected standard, under independent evaluation. Certification means the instructor is committed to professional standards and is proven to be safe, knowledgeable and effective.

This Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) certification evaluates participants existing knowledge and skills. Certification is granted at the level that each participant is able to demonstrate his/her proficiency through out the certification process. Instructors are evaluated in five areas: safety, horsemanship knowledge and ability, teaching technique, group control, and responsibility and professionalism.

Notice: Not offered in 2022.

Dates of Standard Certification

June 14-18, 2021

Cost: $825 per person

Check-in: 9:00am on Monday at W-Bar-B
Check-out: 12:00pm on Friday

First Meal: Lunch on Monday
Final Meal: Friday Lunch

Early Arrival Option: Tuesday after 4:00pm. No dinner provided. Includes breakfast on Monday. Cost: $50

September 8-12, 2021

Cost: $825 per person

Check-in: 9:00am on Wednesday at Bayview Ranch House
Check-out: 12:00pm on Sunday

First Meal: Lunch on Wednesday
Final Meal: Breakfast on Sunday

Early Arrival Option: Tuesday after 4:00pm. No dinner provided. Includes breakfast on Wednesday. Cost: $50

The Process Involves

  • Evaluation by two CHA certified clinicians, in a 5-7 day certification
  • Teaching at least four practice lessons, a riding evaluation, a written test and participation in workshops on risk management, teaching techniques, professionalism and herd management.
  • Certification is awarded at the end of the certification process and the level of certification attained (if any) is the sole discretion of the two CHA Clinicians conducting the clinic. See CHA website for Standard Instructor Certification information and Instructor Levels
  • Certification is valid for three years from the certification date; the instructor must maintain annual individual membership in CHA.
  • Instructors may recertify at the end of the three-year certification period by providing documentation of at least 25 hours of continuing education and work within the industry. The only way to raise the level of certification is to attend another CHA certification session.

What to Expect

  • Candidates will teach at least 4 brief demonstration lessons on topics assigned by the evaluating staff, according to the candidate's ability level.
  • When not teaching, the candidates will ride in lessons, role-playing as a student.
  • All candidates will give oral evaluations of their own lessons, as well as the lessons given by other candidates
  • Certification staff will also give oral and written evaluations of lessons for safety, group control and effectiveness
  • Candidates will be evaluated throughout the certification process on their professionalism, including appropriate dress, attitude and demeanor.
  • Expect long days and evening classroom sessions; participants may also be expected to help with horse chores.

Horsemanship Leadership

The staff are passionate for sharing the love of God through professional horsemanship instruction. They believe in the amazing ability of horses and horse related activities to nurture the potential in each person. The staff are active in one or more professional associations such as Certified Horsemanship Association, American Vaulting Association, and Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship.

Lisa Tremain, Warm Beach Camp Horsemanship; located in Stanwood, WA; one hour north of Seattle.

Lisa Tremain

Horsemanship Director

New Zealand native, Lisa Tremain, is excited to be back at Warm Beach Camp to serve as the Horsemanship Director where she hopes to share her love of horses and God with others. Lisa first came to Warm Beach Camp as a WIT (Wrangler in Training) in 2003, and since has served in other camp ministries throughout New Zealand. She believes horses provide a unique opportunity to teach not only horsemanship skills, but also core life skills including trust, respect, communication and the importance of relationships.

Horsemanship at Warm Beach Camp, located in Stanwood, WA; near Seattle.

Ginger Reitz

Assistant Horsemanship Director

Ginger Reitz has been involved in various horse sports for decades including – riding, competing, teaching and training. In her role as the Assistant Horsemanship Director Ginger oversees the Warm Beach Vaulters competitive vaulting club and the Warm Beach Therapeutic Horsemanship programs. Ginger has a God-given compassion for those who can benefit simply from the activity and environment of vaulting, riding, and horse-related activities. Her goal is to improve people’s lives through equine-assisted activities and create space for others to connect to the love of God.

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