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Make a difference in the lives of those that participate in the Horsemanship programs at Warm Beach Camp.

Warm Beach Horsemanship is a CHA (Certified Horsemanship Association) Accredited Site; United States Equestrian Federation member; and USPC (United States Pony Club) Riding Center.

Horses Heal: Be part of the journey.

Make an impact! Are you interested in helping others? Consider volunteering with the Warm Beach Horsemanship program. No experience necessary. Training will be provided.

Horsemanship Volunteers at Warm Beach Camp & Conference Center


Experience multiple generations utilizing their gifts in a tangible way.

Make an impact by creating opportunity for people with disabilities to interact with horses.

Develop relationships with participants and other volunteers.

Participating high school and college students can earn National Honor Society individual and group volunteer hours.

Opportunity to assist with stables operations and interact with horses.

“I volunteer because it is a place where I have a tangible impact on other people’s lives through doing something I love to do - working with horses. It is also a place where I feel safe and am able to grow my skills and character.”

– Shelby Janes

“I volunteer because it is good for my mind, body, and soul. I get to build amazing relationships with the horses, riders, and staff. It gives me a purpose beyond that of the workplace and school. I get to see lives changed, which in turn changes my life because I get inspired to never give up on the things that I want to achieve.”

-Natalie Steilling

“I volunteer at Warm Beach Camp because it allows me to be me and not feel like I have to prove myself to anyone. Camp is where I am able to continue learning about horses, help others achieve their full potential, and it feels like a place that I am welcome for being me. I am willing to drive an hour every weekend to volunteer for roughly 4 to 5 hours a week just to get my horse time. Also Warm beach camp is a place that is helping me overcome obstacles in my past and is showing me what being part of a community feels like. The staff that work there year round make you feel welcome and there is never a dull moment. Warm beach camp is a place that I can call home and want to continue being a part of this horse community forever. If there is anything else you need, I am happy to help.“

- Samara Cline

[Volunteering with WB Horsemanship is] “Just as much for me (personal growth) as it is for the benefit of the program

– Pam Whims

Horsemanship Leadership

The staff are passionate for sharing the love of God through professional horsemanship instruction. They believe in the amazing ability of horses and horse related activities to nurture the potential in each person. The staff are active in one or more professional associations such as Certified Horsemanship Association, American Vaulting Association, United States Equestrian Federation, and United States Pony Club.

Horse Riding Lessons at Warm Beach Camp & Conference Center

Lisa Tremain

Horsemanship Director

In 2016, Lisa began serving as the Warm Beach Horsemanship Director. Lisa grew up in New Zealand where she rode competitively in Eventing and Dressage. Lisa is certified through the United States Pony Club (USPC) and Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA); she was awarded the CHA Region 1 Instructor of the Year Award in 2021. Her priority is to teach students how to work in harmony with horses, communicating effectively to realize their joint potential. Lisa believes horses provide the perfect opportunity for riders to experience the hope and acceptance of God’s unconditional love and strives to cultivate an environment where this can be fostered.

Horse Riding Lessons at Warm Beach Camp & Conference Center

Meg Rudy

Assistant Horsemanship Director

After 5 years devoted to service in equestrian summer camps, Meg is returning to her home in the great Pacific Northwest and joining the Warm Beach Horsemanship team as the new Assistant Horsemanship Director! She is delighted to be returning to her roots. With her background in the United States Pony Club and Young Riders (Area VII), she has also been certified with CHA as a Level 4 Instructor. She is dedicated to the unique ministry that exists in the space we share with horses and is looking forward to growing together in Christ.

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