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Cedar Lodge: A call for action in 2009

Cedar Lodge is crucial to the delivery of WBC’s mission. It is the “nerve center” of WBC. These first three phases of remodeling address the most important issues that need to be met to serve people effectively in the years ahead.

  • Restroom Additions: Restrooms are needed on the main floor of Cedar Lodge.
    In 2010, WBC is offering its first overnight camp for people with special needs.
    In addition, WBC is providing camps and retreats for people with terminal diseases, arthritis, aging issues, and young children. This improvement in Cedar Lodge needs to be addressed now as the needs of people require it.
  • Expanded Kitchen: The demand on Food Service continues to grow to meet the unique needs of one centralized kitchen serving five separate dining areas. Sheer volume alone causes this kitchen expansion to take on huge importance. As the new streams of ministry flood WBC’s kitchen, the challenge of feeding increasing numbers of people with varied needs place this kitchen expansion as one of the top needs of the ministry. One example is the increase of meals just in the summer months from 80,000 in 2005 to 99,600 in 2008.
  • Remodeled Chapel: Cedar Lodge Chapel needs to be expanded and reconfigured to meet the changing needs of camps, retreats, and conferences for today and tomorrow. The primary accomplishments of this will be:

    – Media friendly room configuration
    – Additional dining room space when needed
    – Expanded seating for conferences
    – Improved platform/stage area for ministry

When this work is funded, when will it get done?

  1. The following timeline is our best estimate, recognizing that permits and planning often adjust our best projections:
  2. Funding commitments complete by December 2009
  3. Receive conditional use permit from Snohomish County by May 2010
  4. Submit building plans for Cedar Lodge in June 2010
  5. Begin Phase 1 construction in May 2011
  6. New restrooms open by The Light of Christmas 2011
  7. Proceed with Kitchen and Chapel as funding from commitments is paid.
How to get involved:
  1. If you have already given or pledged to the ETV Campaign… THANK YOU!
  2. Prayer – Please ask God to lead us to the places of provision to meet this
    opportunity and need.
  3. Network – Be willing to help the WBC team meet with people who can help meet this need.
  4. Consider making a commitment towards the remaining $590,000 by September 2009. This commitment can be:
    • paid over four years time
    • cash, land, or stocks
    • gifts in kind
    • services in kind
  5. If you have given a gift or completed your pledge for the Embracing The
    Vision campaign, please consider making a new commitment for Cedar Lodge.
The goal:
The immediate goal is to secure $590,000 in new commitments to Cedar Lodge prior to December 2009. This will allow WBC to claim the $490,000 completion grant we have been approved for.

For more information, email the Development Department or call at 360-652-7575, Seattle 425-743-5471, in state toll-free 800-228-6724.

Praise the Lord for our new Guest Service Associates, Scott Brandenberger & Liz McBride

Welcome Scott Brandenberger! Many of you may already know him from his time as Camp counselor at Warm Beach in 2005. In the intervening years, Scott has lived in Korea where he met and married his wife, Grace. They have three wonderful kids (Alan, Elsa, Levi)  to add to our Camp family. Scott has also owned his own woodworking business, been a teacher and brings many years of customer service to our team. He will be working on the Registration ...

This is God’s Place

God chose Warm Beach Camp to be the home of The Lights of Christmas! He chose the people to start this amazing experience to share the true message of Christmas. He fills the staff with His love and joy so that it pours out of us to the community to soften hearts and bring change. The world is a dark place, and the last couple of years have been difficult! But no matter what, when you drive through The Lights ...

Horses: Life Impact

If you have ever felt a horse’s warm breath on your skin or breathed in their scent as you hugged their neck while laying your head on their side, you will know that horses have a way of reaching deep into your soul. They bringing comfort to places in your heart that may be buried under layers of grief, bitterness, rejection, fear, or hurt. Our goal at Warm Beach Horsemanship is to provide as many opportunities as possible for people ...