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Choosing a camp for your child

2012 Summer Programs

Parents have much to consider in choosing a camp for their child. What’s there to do? What skills will they learn? What will make them “want to go?”

Many questions are asked of Warm Beach Camp by parents considering us for their child’s summer camp. Here’s a sample of what we are asked:

Q: How are staff selected, trained, and certified?
    A: Staff are selected after review of a lengthy application, four independent references, one or more interviews, and a national background check. Staff are trained for a week in the concepts, activities, procedures, and safety protocols of camp. Lifeguards are Red Cross Certified. Wranglers are certified by Certified Horsemanship Association. Challenge Course staff are trained according to the standards of the Association of Challenge Course Technologies. All staff have basic First Aid and CPR.

Q: How involved are the counselors in the camper’s day?
    A: One of the unique features of Warm Beach Camp is the level of involvement by our staff in the daily experience of campers. W-Bar-B Camp counselors not only make sure kids get to activities like swimming, horseback riding, the climbing tower, and high ropes course, but they participate in the experience with the kids. Additionally, counselors lead the games and crafts, perform the skits, and share in the chapel times worshipping God. Horse Camps are intentionally small with three counselors in Bayview Ranch House and five wranglers at the stables. Staff are role models for campers demonstrating godly character and healthy life skills. There is no better way to teach than to live the message in relationship.

Q: What kind of medical staff are available?
   A: Each week, two nurses are on duty. They follow protocols outlined in a Doctor’s Standing Orders. Additionally, all of the staff are trained in First Aid and CPR. Local EMS is literally three minutes from the Camp. The Fire Department is less than a mile from the Camp entrance.

Q: What will the kids do?
    A: Here’s a typical W-Bar-B Ranch Camp schedule.
8:00am  – Breakfast and cabin clean-up
9:00am  – Cabin Bible Study
10:00am  – Activities, theme related games, crafts and events, swimming, snack shop, cabin take-off time, and seminars (jr high only)
12:00pm  – Lunch
1:30pm  – Activities including theme related games and events, swimming, snack shop, cabin take off time, and seminars (jr high only)
5:30pm  – Dinner 6:15pm -Evening Activities designed to be an “all camp event” rather than a small group gathering
9:15pm  – Lights out for Jr Camps (4 – 6 grades)
10:00pm  – Lights out for Jr High Camps (7 – 9 grades)
Horse Campers do riding lessons, trail rides, and other horse-related activities most of the day. They also have opportunity to go swimming and may be able to try the challenge course.

We are grateful to each parent who entrusts their children to us. Summer Camp is a sacred trust between the parent and the Camp. We are dedicated to helping children and young people grow physically, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually.

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