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Cole Marshall, Black Diamond Intern

I love being an intern at Black Diamond Camp for many reasons! I love the community I get to work in and be surrounded by. I love getting to serve others every day and know that my actions are making an impact on the lives of the people who come to camp. I also love working with others while running different activities, it’s great to see people come out of their comfort zones to try things that might be daunting to them and see them overcome what they thought their limits were, discovering they are more capable than they thought!”

One thing God has been teaching me throughout the internship, is how to be diligent and put my best effort forward. In life I’ve always wanted to try to do my best in everything I do, but sometimes when you’re having to do a big job, or multiple jobs, it’s easy to let small and what might seemingly be unimportant things slip through the cracks. For example, when you see some trash lying on the ground you might not think to pick it up, or you might not think to put back cleaning supplies or other equipment that you know doesn’t belong where it’s sitting. I’ve been really challenged lately and asking God and myself, “Am I really putting my best effort forward, or am I doing the bare minimum?” While I’m out and about in my day I want to bless the people who come through camp, as well as the people I work with. I don’t want to leave a job half finished, waiting for someone to come finish it for me. The difference is so apparent in and around our lives when we take that extra step to put others before ourselves and give our best effort to bless them. It doesn’t go unnoticed even in how camp looks, the little things make a big difference on the grounds, and in the heart of whoever comes through.

-Cole Marshall, Intern
Black Diamond Camp

The Reality of God’s Enduring Love

We are living in the reality of God’s enduring love. That is the truth. God’s love is greater than the epic challenges of the world and the individual moments on any given day. New beginnings and necessary endings are part of what we navigate in life every day. We will celebrate a newborn baby, intercede for a friend with a terminal disease, and grieve when nations go to unjust war.     God’s enduring love never fails.     His compassion reaches beyond the harshest ...

Why I Love Family Camp

I love everything about family camp. It is a time to come together, connect with God’s love, have amazing experiences as a family, and spend time with old and new friends alike. Warm Beach Camp is the perfect place. I admit I am biased, and with good reason! Here are just some of what makes Family Camp special:  Dedicated Space– The land is dedicated to making God known to everyone who comes on the property. When families come, it is not ...

Best Christian Workplaces Certification

Warm Beach Camp Ministries (WBCM) has always been focused on the mission of sharing the love and hope of Christ through camping ministries and experiences in the Pacific Northwest. By keeping the path clear to the cross, the goal is for guests to have an encounter with Christ that will transform their life and ripple out to bless families and communities.   The prayer for the staff is we would experience the transformation we desire for others. Serving in a Christian ...