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Come a Little Closer

I stopped in to visit my Father-In-Law, now 90 years old. He is a farm kid athlete from Snohomish WA. “Crazy Legs” was his nickname for speed and agility in football and track. In High School, the Lord got hold of his life, and he ended up being a pastor. As I knocked on his door, he met me with tears of joy in his eyes as he had been reflecting on a particular Sunday a long time ago when he didn’t have a sermon, but the Lord gave him a message.

Here is what he shared with me:

I didn’t have a sermon on this Sunday. But I told this story. A husband and wife had been married for several years. While their marriage was rooted in deep love, things had grown a bit distant. One day, while they were out for a drive in the countryside the conversation went something like this: She began by saying to her husband, “Do you remember when we would sit close to each other and share deeply about the things we both cared about. Some of it was joyful and happy. Other times it was facing the challenges of life. The thing was, we were close. I miss us being close like that today.” As they continued to drive the husband responded, “I miss being close like that too. I haven’t gone anywhere, slide on across that bench seat, and draw in close.” She did just that.

My father-in-law put his hands on my shoulders with tears welled up in his eyes and continued:

I told the people in church on that Sunday that Jesus is saying the same thing to us today. For some of you, there has been a growing distance between you and Jesus. He wants to remind us today to come a little closer to Him. He loves you! He longs to share a deep and meaningful life with you.
There is no sermon today. This is a time for you to come a little closer to Jesus. Pray, kneel, worship, or sing.


Thanks, Dad, for sharing with me, and any who read this, a three-part message:

  • Guard against letting distance in your relationships grow.
  • Come a little closer to Jesus today.
  • Come a little closer to the people who love you.

Would you take a few minutes and draw closer to Jesus today? Would you take time to draw closer to those people who love you?

Next Steps

  • Own up to any distance between you and God and the people who love you.
  • Ask for forgiveness for your part in letting this distance take hold.
  • Ask if you can come a little closer.
    • Jesus will always say yes.
    • If you are asking someone you have hurt, it may take some time. Be patient.

Ed McDowell, C.E.O.
Warm Beach Camp Ministries

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