canoe_150pxEnjoy a breath-taking boating experience through the vast wetlands of Port Susan Bay, where hundreds of different types of waterfowl make their home. Canoeing can be used as recreation or instructional time. It's a fantastic place to study estuary ecosystems!

The Climbing Tower is a three-sided, 40' tower with varying degrees of climbing challenge. Climbs are set up for 6 to 18 climbers per hour* session. Rock-like hand and foot holds teach you to defy gravity as you tackle the three sides of our forty-foot Climbing Tower. Conquer "The Wall" and your fears, in a fun, supervised, exciting and supportive environment.

mini-golf_150px9 hole mini-golf course is waiting for you at the Miniature Golf Course. Located next to the swimming pools and tennis courts, the course is great recreation for all ages. Disc Golf is played similar to ball golf, but uses specially designed flying discs thrown at metal "pole holes," or elevated baskets (nine hole course, no charge).

thumb_250_recfield_03Warm Beach has two large recreation fields, the EAST and WEST fields.
If your group has a concentrated period of time that you would like to use one of the fields, they may be reserved through the Guest Service office. Fields can be reserved at no charge.