Paul and Ryan had their "make-up" day this past Saturday. Joe was absolutely gracious and supportive. The Staff at the climbing wall, pool and High Ropes Circuit were tremendous. The Spirit shined through these young men and women and I can pay no higher complement than that. Their attention to safety, their encouragement and patience when a little fear crept in, their joy and sense of fun were simply awesome. The High Ropes Circuit is a treasure to help boys take the next step to becoming young men. Paul almost bagged-it but he decided to go for it and he and Ryan had sooo much fun. Thank you all for this wonderful day. A special thanks to Joe, the way he arranged things, the way he supervised the staff and stressed safety and procedure, he is a strong leader.

God Bless you all! We look forward to next summer and will spread the good word about Warm Beach Camp. We are looking forward to The Lights of Chirstmas... -Stringer and Company, Inc.

Warm Beach Camp's high ropes and initiatives course is an outstanding tool for building team unity and helping young people learn to overcome obstacles in their lives. -Seattle Christian Schools
Thank you Warm Beach Camp for giving each of the teens I work with a chance to be challenged, and the time to work through those challenges. -Auburn Valley YMCA
The activities guided by Kurt and WBC staff brought the kids together as a group and allowed them to gain confidence individually. -Marysville Alternative School