Life changes here!

For almost fifty years, Warm Beach Christian Camps and Conference Center has provided quality programs for the whole family, focusing on spiritual nurture, family and marriage building, character building, and civic concerns. Warm Beach Camp exists to provide time and space for people to relax, renew, have fun, and grow closer to God.

Whether you experience Warm Beach Camp through a youth or family camp, come as an equestrian vaulter or as a “special friend,” you’ll find connection. You’ll feel the difference as soon as you drive onto the grounds. This is no ordinary experience. A Warm Beach Camp program offers connection with God, with others, and with all of creation. As you embrace the refreshing beauty of the Puget Sound, unwind with a different schedule free of the usual chores and distractions of life, connect with friends new and old, you’ll feel life beginning to change. And at the center of it all, we pray, is the Spirit of Christ making all things new.

Registration Department is open for phone registrations from 8:30am - 5:00pm, Monday - Friday locally at (360) 652-7575 or toll free at (800) 228-6724 x2282.



Supporting God’s Kingdom work in the US & abroad through ministry partnerships.

Through global partnerships, Warm Beach Camp seeks to connect people, resources, and ideas with the movements of God worldwide in a way that leads to the transformation of persons, families, and communities. Our vision is to go where God is working mightily to bring people into His kingdom, disciple them and send them out to bless and transform the world through meaningful partnerships with national leaders. Our support of indigenous ministry may take the form of financial resources, ministry teams, leadership training, familiarization tours, internships or cultural exchanges in the U.S., or any other method yet to be discovered.


  1. Connect people, resources, ideas with the work of God world-wide
  2. Create a channel for U.S. people to connect with mission work worldwide
  3. Support, strengthen, encourage Spirit-led leaders and movements worldwide
  4. Create meaningful partnerships as defined by National leaders to further their mission
  5. To see the Kingdom of God advance worldwide, this blessing the nations and redeeming all creation to the supremacy of Christ

Guiding Principles:

  1. Strengthening native churches and ministries world-wide
  2. Build up the unity of believers in the Body of Christ
  3. Develop leadership at home and abroad in route to accomplishing the mission or program
  4. Pursue transformational experiences that integrate spiritual formation into daily life
  5. Serve out of a posture of spiritual surrender to Christ, listening to God, and living responsively to the Holy Spirit as we love others in Jesus’ name
  6. Conduct Partnership Initiatives in a financially sustainable way that does not create unhealthy dependence upon Western aid
  7. Conduct Partnership Initiatives in a way that strengthens rather than drains the energy and resources from WBC stateside.

Criteria for Engaging in Global Initiatives:

  1. Sense of direct leading by the Holy Spirit as evidenced by prayerful unity, opening of opportunity, and an absence of human striving
  2. Opportunity to engage in work related to Christian Camping that results in support for native churches/ministries
  3. Experiences that unify the people of God around Kingdom priorities
  4. Service in areas with strong in-country contacts
  5. Work that allows for leadership development and does not contribute to a corrupting foreign aid-type of relationship.

Global Partners at a glance: