Comparison Chart
Lodging Rooms Beds per room Bed Capacity Bathroom
Olympic View Lodge 24 1 queen, 2 singles 72 1 per room
Cascadian Long Wing 19 1 queen, 2 singles 57 2 in hallway
Cascadian Short Wing 11 1 queen, 2 singles 33 2 in hallway
Mt. Baker Cabins 28 1 queen, 4 singles 140 1 per room
Glacier Mini-lodge 3 1 double, 9 singles 30 2 in lodge
Whistler Mini-lodge 3 1 double, 9 singles 30 2 in lodge
Mountain Cabins 6 12 singles 72 central bathhouse
W-Bar-B Ranch 12 8 youth 96 central bathhouse
Chinook Village 12 7 youth 84 central bathhouse
Warner House 5 3 queen/single 15 2
Bayview House 7 various 35 6
Other onsite accommodations: rv/tent camping

Once you work with your Warm Beach Camp guest services associate to secure facilities for the date you want, the reservation system is quite simple.

  1. Your reservation will be secured with a deposit.
  2. Contract Packet is produced by Warm Beach Camp and sent to you.
  3. Once you receive your packet, review your contract, event guidelines and price sheets. Please contact your Guest Service Associate immediatly if there are any inaccuracies.
  4. If the information in your Contract Packet is accurate, you will sign and return a copy of your contract to your Guest Services Associate.
  5. Next you will need to contact your organization's insurance carrier and request a Certificate of Liability Insurance to be sent to Warm Beach Camp (see contract for details).
  6. Four to six weeks prior to your event, Warm Beach Camp will mail a 30-day Planning Packet to you which will include meeting room assignments.
  7. Your contract specifies a tentative and a final count date by which you will contact our Guest Services Department with attendance (part time and full time), meeting room set-up requirements, and any other event planning needs.

For more information about available dates, prices, and event planning assistance, please send a message to the Guest Service Department or call at 800-228-6724.


  1. The group leader checks in with a Guest Services Host upon arrival and departure.
  2. The group leader provides Warm Beach Camp accurate attendance records, including a registration list with the name, address, and phone number of each conferee by the close of the event.

Facility Care

  1. The group leader agrees to leave the facilities in an orderly condition.
  2. The group is financially liable for any damages by its group members, except damage arising from normal wear. A facility inspection may be included as part of the financial settlement at the end of the event.

Food Service

  1. Meal times will be assigned by Warm Beach Camp in order to best meet the needs of all groups who may be using the grounds at the same time. Meals times are assigned at least 30 days in advance of the event.
  2. If the group is using W-Bar-B or Chinook Village, the group leader agrees to provide volunteers (3-5 people) to help serve and clean up at each meal.
  3. Warm Beach Camp will host all meals, unless prior arrangements are made.
  4. Shoes and shirts are required in the dining rooms as prescribed by the health code.
  5. No food or dinnerware will be taken from the dining room.
  6. Menus are developed by Warm Beach Camp. Limited alternatives may be available for vegetarian diets, if arrangements are made 21 days in advance of the event.

Camp Regulations

  1. No “ground contact” fires allowed in the RV/Tent Sites. Please bring an approved above ground metal receptacle if you wish to have a campfire in the RV/Tent area.
  2. Smoking is permitted outside the buildings only.
  3. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the grounds.
  4. Social dancing, with the exception of square or ethnic dancing, is not permitted on the grounds.
  5. Pets are not allowed on the grounds, either in Warm Beach housing or the RV area.
  6. For the comfort of our guests, quiet hours are 11:00 p.m. - 7:00 a.m.
  7. Fireworks, firearms, knives, and other weapons are not allowed on the grounds.

Staffing and Supervision

  1. The group provides the necessary staff to safely operate the program, such as Camp Director, registrar, counselors, recreational director, and nurse. (Note: The group is responsible for its own first aid and first aid supplies.)
  2. Warm Beach Camp will provide the necessary staff to safely deliver the services agreed upon in the contract, such as Food Service staff, Accommodations staff, Lifeguards, Wranglers.
  3. The group will provide adult supervision of at least 1 per 10 campers in any facility in which youth (through high school age) are assigned.

Insurance Coverage

  1. The group must provide Warm Beach Camp with a certificate of liability insurance from their sponsoring organization, in which Warm Beach Christian Camps and Conference Center is named as an additional insured.
  2. The group agrees to indemnify, hold harmless, and assume full financial responsibility for the cost of defending and satisfying any claims against Warm Beach Camp or its employees, volunteers, and agents, arising from the Group’s use of Warm Beach Camp or its property, facilities, or equipment.
  3. Guest group attendee’s insurance is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization. Nevertheless, in the event of an accidental injury, the incident is to be reported to Warm Beach Camp by completing the Incident Report Form provided to the group leader by WBC’s Guest Service Host.

Sales of Tapes, Books and other Items

  1. Sale of tapes, books, supplies or any other material by those attending Warm Beach Camp is allowed only with permission from Warm Beach Camp.
  2. The bookstore has a variety of materials for sale and will provide for the sale of materials requested by the group, if possible.


  1. Warm Beach Camp recommends that campers wear safety equipment appropriate to activities that are participated in while on the campgrounds.
  2. Warm Beach Camp will not be responsible for publicity and information about guest group conferences.
  3. The group leader agrees to provide Warm Beach Camp with copies of all publicity when it is distributed and to submit a detailed schedule of the conference 10 days in advance of the event.
  4. The group agrees that a Warm Beach Camp representative may, at one of the group's general meetings, bring greetings, present the ministry and mission of Warm Beach Camp, and give instructions regarding the use of the grounds.
  5. Meeting rooms will be assigned by Warm Beach Camp in order to best meet the needs of all groups who may be using the grounds at the same time. Meeting rooms are assigned at least 30 days in advance of the event.
  6. While Warm Beach Camp assumes no responsibility for Lost & Found items, we do hold some Lost & Found items for up to two weeks after an event.