Dear Parent,

Our organization has always taken the protection of our campers very seriously. And because we diligently seek the highest standard of child care in the youth serving industry, in 2012 we implemented a Child Protection plan to maintain the highest level of safety possible for all our campers. This safety plan begins with you. Because you know your child better than anyone, we ask that you discuss our organizations Code of Conduct with them before they arrive. Help us educate your child on what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior for staff and/or youth. This effort will not only help protect them, but our staff and other youth as well.

We have also provided a list of resource materials that will help educate you, as well as, give insight into discussing sensitive issues with them. While we DO NOT discuss sexuality as part of our curriculum, it is important that they have an age appropriate discussion with you before they come. We seek to take a proactive role in preventing any situation of this nature. Educating your child is empowering them to make the right decisions.

Please feel free to call Lindsey Baer-McDowell, our Director of Youth & Outdoor Ministries, at 800.228.6724 ext. 2264 to discuss any information on this subject.

Our Child Protection Policy (PDF) contains the following:

  • Code of conduct
  • Minor’s rights
  • Disciplinary policy
  • Resource materials

We seek to provide an atmosphere of “Christ-like” relationships at our organization and your involvement can only serve to promote our efforts.

Thank you,

Patrick Patterson
General Manager/C.O.O

Camp Store

The Camp Store is open daily for campers. Snacks and drinks are available for your child to purchase, along with gift items, souvenirs, and Warm Beach Camp attire. Typical spending is $20-30. Soda and candy purchases are limited each day to make sure campers do not over-indulge on sweets. Camp Store money is collected at check-in and exchanged for a “Store Card” through which staff keep track of camper’s purchases. Any unused money will be returned at the close of camp.

Optional Extra Fee Items

The following items may be purchased at registration and check-in:

Store Card – money for Camp Store (see information above)

Horseback Trail Rides - maximum capacity of 30 spots each week

Horsemanship campers may purchase Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) manuals: individual level or composite of all levels.


Parents are encouraged to meet our staff and tour the camp during check-in or on the last day of camp. During the week we ask that campers not have visitors nor encourage phone calls. Campers may not have guests during the camp session.

Lost and Found

Lost and Found items are collected by staff and held by our Accommodations Department. Please contact the receptionist and leave detailed information about lost items, what camp/week your child attended, and your contact information: / 800.228.6724

Camper Health and Safety

Camper health and safety is Warm Beach Camp’s paramount concern. An on-site nurse is available 24 hours a day while camp is in session. The nurse operates under the standing orders of a licensed physician. Counselors are carefully screened, selected, background checked, and trained. (see Leadership & Staff information for details)

In order to protect children, our policy prohibits any staff person to be alone in a private location with a camper. If a camper needs to return to their cabin for something, for example, a staff member will never do this alone with a camper – they will get another camper or staff member to go with them. If a one-on-one conversation is necessary between a staff member and camper, it will always be in view of other people. 

Behavior Management

We enforce a no tolerance policy at camp. All counselors are trained in our behavior management and anti-bullying policy. If a behavior does arise that causes a disturbance: the child is removed from the situation, there is a very caring conversation about a change in behavior. We partner with the camper to come up with a solution that works for everyone, grace is given, and consequences are enforced, if necessary. At no point will corporal punishment be allowed. If there is no change in the camper’s behavior, the Camp Director will call the child’s parent/guardian and discuss the options.

Leadership and Staff

Warm Beach Camp program leadership serve on year-round staff and possess many years of camp leadership experience. We hire college-age leadership staff and cabin counselors who facilitate the programs on a daily basis alongside year-round Camp staff.

Warm Beach Camp invests heavily in staff training and certifications, particularly in the more high risk areas such as aquatics, challenge course, and horsemanship. Year-round staff attend conferences and trainings through Christian Camp and Conference Association. Pool staff are Red Cross certified lifeguards. Challenge Course staff are trained according to the standards of the Association of Challenge Course Technology (ACCT). Horse staff are certified through the Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA).

Staff are selected following a rigorous process involving a detailed application form, four personal references, personal or Skype interviews, and a national background security check.

The first week of the summer is spent in summer staff training where counselors receive over 50 hours of instruction on camp procedures, first-aid, cabin group management, conflict management, camp activities, and Warm Beach Camp’s Child Protection Plan.

Camp Philosophy

Warm Beach Camp draws kids out of their routine lives and places them into a natural environment. Camp is filled with unique experiences tailored to their age and development that offer personal growth and connection with God and other people. The heart of camp is relationships that lead to personal and spiritual growth. Camp is meant to be fun, memorable, and personally enriching spiritually, emotionally, relationally, and physically.

Warm Beach Camp History

The Free Methodist Church sold two smaller camp sites to found Warm Beach Camp in 1956. For over sixty years, campers have experienced the many ways that life changes here. For more information on our history, visit our website at

Warm Beach Camp Mission

We exist to provide environments, experiences and resources that connect people of all ages to God, one another, and all of creation.
Our mission is lived out in ways that point others to the life-transforming work and the teaching of Jesus Christ. For more information on our mission, visit


Contact our Registration Department at: / 800.228.6724 x2282

Send camper mail to:

Camper's Name / Session #
Warm Beach Camp
20800 Marine Drive
Stanwood WA, 98292

Send camper email to:
Subject: Camper's Name / Session #

Registration Department office hours: 8:00am-5:00pm weekdays
After hours: recorded message will give instructions for the Guest Service cell number.

Photos and videos from camp will be uploaded daily to our private online gallery on SmugMug. Parents will receive a link when they drop their child off at camp so they can follow the week. Photos will be available for free download, or you can choose to purchase a print from the site. If you have questions, please contact our Registration Department at, 800.228.6724 ext. 2282.