Goal: A learning, growing and leadership experience that provides an opportunity to serve God in recreation at Warm Beach Camp, develop a growing relationship of dependence on Christ, and gain real job experience to clarify God’s calling and life-purpose in order to launch young Christian leaders.

Desired Outcomes

  • Learn challenge course facilitation/management on a large course
  • Grow in relationship with Christ and others in while experiencing Christian camp ministry
  • Take on leadership responsibilities in recreation as day to day recreation needs are served
  • Develop and implement specific aspects of recreation or outdoor programming
  • Launch into leading recreation or outdoor ministries beyond the internship

Recreation interns will participate in experiential learning using a combination of observation, hands-on, research and teaching.

  • Shadowing and Co-facilitation with experienced facilitators
  • Learning day to day challenge course management tasks and responsibilities
  • Researching proven experiential teaching methods and measuring efficacy of programs

Leadership experiences will be built upon one another beginning with supervision of other recreation staff, taking management responsibility during The Lights of Christmas and finally in the development and implementation of all aspects of a specific outdoor program.

  • Supervising areas of recreation including pool, boats or challenge course days
  • Teaching and training of challenge course facilitators, including spiritual training
  • Equipping and empowering recreation staff to carry out their summer ministry

The launch phase will complement the summer recreation season, carrying out a new program and culminating with leadership of the department.

  • Development of a specific recreation or outdoor program
  • Practicum in leading the recreation department under observation
  • Leadership of the recreation department for a defined period of time


  • American Red Cross Lifeguard Certification or equivalent
  • At least one season of documented challenge course experience
  • College degree in recreation, outdoor resource management, education or equivalent

In addition to the focus upon holistic personal and spiritual growth through the Core Internship program, interns with a concentration in camp programming will engage many programs throughout the year. An intern's interests and aptitudes as well as the needs of the Camp are taken into consideration in formulating the level of involvement with various programs.

Typically, all interns will support The Lights of Christmas, weekend retreats, Outdoor Education, and summer camps. In approaching summer, an intern may focus their leadership specifically on one of the following: Special Friends Camp, W-Bar-B Ranch Camps (Junior and Junior High), Korean Mission Camps, or Family Camp.  For those with an environmental science and outdoor education interest, an internship will be directed more toward outdoor programming, conservation, habitat management, and sustainable practices.

In intern will gain experience in the following ways:

Leadership and Supervision

  • Assist WBC Team in Summer Staff Training
  • Co-Facilitate a Summer Camp Program as assigned
  • Supervise Campers, Staff, Volunteers, CILTS (Counselor in Leadership Training)
  • Evaluate Staff performance
  • Assist WBC Team in planning / implementing Fall Retreats
  • Participate in installation of The Lights of Christmas (LOC) program – lights, displays, etc
  • Area Leader during the LOC program
  • Assist in Leadership on Working Weekends
  • Assist WBC Team in planning / implementing Spring events


  • Assist WBC Team in planning all programs
  • Program Evaluation
  • Research / Resource


  • Participate with WBC Team in recruiting and hiring of Summer Staff, Volunteer Counselors, Pastors, Bands, Speakers


  • Assist in preparing Program Budget
  • Cost Analysis
  • Attend Cost Center Meetings

Computer Usage

  • Word Processing
  • Data Entry
  • Desktop Publishing


  • Assist in promoting WBC Programs in the community
  • Compile Marketing Surveys
  • Assist with Camp Fairs, trade shows, and church promotions
  • Assist in “Telling the WBC Story” by writing articles and sharing Camp Stories as requested


  • Communicate closely with Parents of Campers and respond to requests and concerns
  • Working collaboratively with other members of the Warm Beach Camp staff

Health and Safety

  • Participate with WBC Team and Volunteer Nurses in ensuring the physical safety of all WBC Staff and Guests
  • Participate with Program Staff in monitoring the Spiritual, Physical, Mental, and Emotional health of Campers, Staff, Volunteers and Guests at WBC
  • Maintain an Incident Report Notebook of Camper and Staff injuries, illnesses, upsets


  • Assist in the proper storage and management of supply inventory, props

Intern Project

  • Curriculum Development

A program internship is designed to prepare students for full-time ministry in camping ministry with a particular focus upon developing programs to minister to a wide variety of youth, adult and special needs persons.

Standard Internship: $250 per week

Certain internship positions are required to work summer staff contracts during the summer of their internship. Summer staff contracts include housing and meals and require six day work weeks.

College Graduate Internships: $325 per week

Certain internships are available only to college graduates who are selected through the normal application process. The internship areas are Youth Programming, Recreation, Environmental Education & Management.

Interns will be involved in hands-on projects and areas of responsibility that will enable them to build a credible job experience and further career discernment.


Dormitory style lodging is available on-site. Dormitory lodging costs are $160 per month and include lodging, electricity, water, sewer, and garbage. Interns living off the grounds may do so at their expense and with prior permission. During summer contract, lodging is included.


Meals are available for a very modest price from the Camp whenever the kitchen is serving large enough groups. Each dormitory comes with a full kitchen for food preparation. During summer contract period, meals are included.


The Intern program runs October to September of the following year. Some modification of schedule may be possible. For those desiring employment starting in the summer through the summer of the following year, please include this in your application. Summer staff ministry enables you to receive maximum benefit from your internship year.  

Please contact us with any questions at 1-800-228-6724. 

Overview of the Year

The exact schedule for each intern varies according to the work flow in their area of concentration. Schedules and daily priorities are determined by the field supervisor in concert with both the needs of the Camp and the learning goals of the intern. Below is a general overview of how the year flows.

October- mid-November
Interns focus on an area of concentration as well as contribute to the front-lines ministry of Warm Beach Camp. Front-lines work may include accommodations, food services, recreation, receptionist, assisting with camp programs, setting up for The Lights of Christmas, and more. Weekly Bible study and interns classes are provided. Intern classes cover a range of professional development topics related to Christian Camping, camp management, program development, and leadership. 

Late November- first week of January
Interns will support The Lights of Christmas. Various types of work involving decorating, setting up scenes & sets, coordinating volunteer work groups, serving as event staff in December, and assisting with take down. The Lights of Christmas is a one-on-a-kind holiday festival that offers many varieties of experiential learning opportunities.

January - early June
Interns will focus on an area of concentration as well as contribute to the front-lines ministry of Warm Beach Camp. Weekly Bible study and intern classes continue. An intern retreat occurs for the purpose of spiritual formation and vocational discernment. Professional development classes include topics such as finance/budgeting, supervision, marketing, team-building, and human resource management.

Mid-June - September
Interns will participate in a leadership role in the summer ministry of Warm Beach Camp. The position depends upon the person's area of concentration and the needs of the Camp. The purpose of this phase of the work is to allow an intern to implement the skills and understanding developed through the course of the year. Following a summer of ministry, interns will assist with early Fall programs and participate in evaluation of summer program success.

Interns participate in a core program of similar experiences as well as concentrating on specific fields of interest (areas of concentration). Interns select their area of field interest and most of their time is under the care of the manager of that area called the field supervisor. The Intern Coordinator oversees the core program and each intern’s involvement throughout the year. The Internship Program provides a very flexible framework by which we can build an experience that will productively blend the needs of the intern and those of WBC.

Upon successful completion of the Internship Program, Interns will receive a certificate of completion and a letter of recommendation upon request. Job/ministry placement assistance may also be provided.

Our vision is to see Warm Beach Camp become a training and discipleship center by offering practical experience integrated with personal and spiritual growth. Regardless of where God leads a WBC Intern to go in the future, our hope is that their experience here will have life-long impact.