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Embracing the Vision Campaign Coming to Central Washington

In May 2008, Warm Beach Camp had the opportunity to share the Embracing the Vision Campaign with many friends of the Camp at two exciting banquets, one in Bellevue and the other in Everett. Now, the Camp is getting ready to share the story with the friends of Warm Beach who live in central and north-central Washington.

The $8.6 million Embracing the Vision Campaign forms a foundation for more effective and comprehensive ministry. It will help ensure that the vision for this ministry continues to flourish into the next generation by providing significant funds for camper programs, capital projects, and operational activities. In brief, the Campaign allows WBC to fulfill its mission by investing in people, community, and the environment, providing funding for both operational and capital projects.

Among the Campaign’s capital projects is the completion of the outfall for the new Waste Water Treatment Facility and the expansion and upgrade of the Camp’s flagship building, Cedar Lodge, including moving the restrooms to the main floor!

A successful Embracing the Vision campaign will also provide the necessary resources to fund many programs and needs that continue to put people first at WBC, such as expanding the Kids 2 Camp program, multiplying the ministry, upgrading athletic and recreational equipment, building and equipping leaders, expanding horsemanship options and adding to the Campership Endowment Fund.

The Central Washington banquet will be held at:

The Wenatchee Convention Center
on Saturday, May 16, 2009
at 6:00 p.m.

A special feature at the banquet will be music by the popular and talented Voetberg Family from Centralia, Washington.

If you live in the Central Washington area, we encourage you to attend and you are welcome to bring guests who would enjoy learning more about the Camp. While there is no charge to attend, reservations are required. To RSVP, simply call the receptionist at Warm Beach Camp or make your reservations by email.

Join us as we look to the future of Warm Beach Camp and embrace the vision for ministry that God is laying out before us.

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