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Warm Beach Camp Internship Program

Have you tried college, maybe even have a degree, but still you want more - more practical experience, more mentored training, more than just a job? Warm Beach Camp internship

The Internship Program offers a flexible program structure that will allow interns to contribute to the mission of the organization while growing into their potential.

Through an internship, you will immerse yourself in an experience that blends spiritual formation and practical work skills. Gain practical experience while growing your own leadership capacity and vision for the future to which God is calling you.

Intern Goals

  • Strengthen your spiritual foundation
  • Develop a clear sense of identity and life purpose
  • Cultivate Christ-like character
  • Enhance communication and relational skills
  • Grow in leadership capacity
  • Improve work-related skills via practical experience

The Internship Program allows you to concentrate in a particular area of ministry such as Programming, Recreation, or Marketing. In addition to time spent in an area of concentration, the core of the program involves all of the interns in common learning experiences. Read more: Areas of Concentration

Internships last twelve months beginning in October and going through September of the following year. Many interns choose to apply also for summer staff during the summer prior to the internship year. 

In addition to an area of concentration all interns share core experiences, which provide learning platforms common to all.  Read more: Core Experiences

Compensation varies and lodging/meals are offered at an affordable rate. Read more: Compensation and Lodging

WBC is looking for mature persons, eager to grow and learn personally, spiritually, and professionally. Interns must possess two to four years of college education or the equivalent life experience. Precise educational requirements vary according to the internship concentration desired.

  • Apply for an internship by completing the Staff Employment Application and having the required references (included with the application) returned to Warm Beach Camp

Prayerfully consider an internship at Warm Beach Camp… life changes here!

Positively contribute to the ministry of Warm Beach Camp

Christian Camping integrates spirituality and daily life in the context of new experiences and environments. The retreat or camp world creates for the guests a new framework to hear and respond to God's voice, to build healthy relationships with one another, and strengthen personal character.

By the same token, internships integrate education, spiritual formation, and practical work skills. Within the context of Christian Camping, interns experience the unique blend of organizational life and Christian community while keeping the path clear to the cross for the guests. Internships provide a holistic learning experience for the participant as well as fresh, helpful hands for assisting with camp work.

The Internship Program focuses on developing the whole person in Christ through spiritual formation, character development, relational skills, leadership capacity, and work-related talents. In addition, by creating a learning focus in everything we do, our ministry edge will sharpen and the mission-fulfillment will only increase.

Regardless of where God leads a Warm Beach Camp Intern to go in the future, our hope is that their experience here will have life-long impact.