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Goal: A learning, growing and leadership experience that provides an opportunity to serve God in recreation at Warm Beach Camp, develop a growing relationship of dependence on Christ, and gain real job experience to clarify God’s calling and life-purpose in order to launch young Christian leaders.

Desired Outcomes

  • Learn challenge course facilitation/management on a large course
  • Grow in relationship with Christ and others in while experiencing Christian camp ministry
  • Take on leadership responsibilities in recreation as day to day recreation needs are served
  • Develop and implement specific aspects of recreation or outdoor programming
  • Launch into leading recreation or outdoor ministries beyond the internship

Recreation interns will participate in experiential learning using a combination of observation, hands-on, research and teaching.

  • Shadowing and Co-facilitation with experienced facilitators
  • Learning day to day challenge course management tasks and responsibilities
  • Researching proven experiential teaching methods and measuring efficacy of programs

Leadership experiences will be built upon one another beginning with supervision of other recreation staff, taking management responsibility during The Lights of Christmas and finally in the development and implementation of all aspects of a specific outdoor program.

  • Supervising areas of recreation including pool, boats or challenge course days
  • Teaching and training of challenge course facilitators, including spiritual training
  • Equipping and empowering recreation staff to carry out their summer ministry

The launch phase will complement the summer recreation season, carrying out a new program and culminating with leadership of the department.

  • Development of a specific recreation or outdoor program
  • Practicum in leading the recreation department under observation
  • Leadership of the recreation department for a defined period of time


  • American Red Cross Lifeguard Certification or equivalent
  • At least one season of documented challenge course experience
  • College degree in recreation, outdoor resource management, education or equivalent