Summer Staff 2018

We are now accepting applications for Summer Staff 2018! For further information and details see the Summer Employment section.
When your application is received the hiring manager will review and contact you from there.
 MUST be 18 years of age by June 1, 2018 in order to apply. 

Thank you for prayerfully considering ministry with us at Warm Beach Camp.

Frequently Asked Questions about Summer Employment at Warm Beach Camp

1. Q: What is the age requirement for paid summer staff positions?
A: The age requirement for our paid summer staff positions is 18 years old. If you are not a graduating senior and 18 years old this year, you could consider our Counselor in Training, Wrangler in Training, or Facilitator in Training programs.

2. Q: Do you accept volunteers?
A: Yes, we welcome volunteers. Please contact us to arrange your availability and area of work desired. Volunteers will need to fill out a volunteer application.

3. Q: Do you accept foreign students for summer employment?
A: Yes, but we limit our hiring of international students to those who come personally recommended by a trusted friend or associate of the camp due to the nature of summer employment and our staffing abilities.

4. Q: What if I can't work the whole summer. Should I still apply?
A: Yes, please apply. In some cases we may work around your schedule, but keep in mind that strong consideration is given to those who can commit to the whole summer. Make sure that you specify the dates you are able to work on your application and time off must be in writing and cleared through your supervisor prior to hiring.

5. Q: What if I can't attend staff orientation/training?
A: If you know that you will be unable to attend the orientation/training for part or the whole of it, we still encourage you to apply. Some exceptions may be made depending on position and previous experience.

6. Q: When do you start interviewing people?
A: We will set up an interview as soon as possible after receiving your application, but no complete progress can be made until all four required references and application are turned in. Feel free to contact the Personnel Department if you have any questions or would like to check on the status of your paperwork at any time. We will transfer your file onto the hiring manager and they will contact you to set up an interview. We do our best to hiring people and fill the positions as they apply, so the sooner you apply the better.

7. Q: What if I live in a different state, but would like an interview?
A: No problem. We are happy to conduct phone and/or Skype interviews.

8. Q: If hired do you pay for travel expenses?
A: Normally we do not, but depending on staffing needs, we may consider advancing pay for travel expenses. This is to be worked out with the hiring manager after application is received.

9. Q: Do I have to have First Aid and CPR certification before I come?
A: No. As part of your training
during orientation week those who have this as a requirement for their position will participate in a CPR and First Aid Certification class. (At no cost) 

10. Q: How much time off do we get?
A: Your time off will vary according to the position. Counselors will have about a couple hours off each day, as well as from Saturday evening to Monday mornings. Camp Nurse & Photographer/Videographer will be similar to the counselor with time off most evenings and Saturday afternoons to Monday mornings. Wranglers will have a couple evenings off each week as well as from Saturday evening to Monday morning (having some Saturday afternoons off). Accommodations, Food Service, Recreation, Hospitality Assistant and Maintenance, staff have varied schedules and may change week by week with a couple days and/or several hours off each day, working most weekends.

11. Q: Do summer staff stay at camp on weekends?
A: Yes. Camp is your home for the summer. We have optional meals for the weekend, or you may choose to make your own meals. We also have washers and dryers available for staff use whenever needed.

12. Q: How does the housing and meals work if I'm not a counselor?
A: If you are not a counselor you will be staying in dorm style housing with your fellow summer staff. Wranglers will be staying in a two-story house with the other wranglers and Wranglers in Training. Male operational staff will stay in a dorm with the other male staff. And female operational staff will stay in a dorm with all the other female staff. Your meals are provided and most of them will be served in the main dining room.
If you are a program counselor you will be staying with your campers and eating your meals with them or staying in a dorm with your fellow counselors and Counselors in Training.

13. Q: If I don't have a car at camp, how can I get to the store for personal items?
A: Many of our other summer staff and all the year round staff have cars and would be more than willing to give you a ride into town. Stanwood/"town" is less than 10 minutes away with a Haggen's, QFC, Rite Aid, various fast food restaurants, banks, and many, many other stores.

14. Q: How do I get to church on Sunday's?
A: For our summer staffers, church attendance is strongly encouraged. And due to the diversity of denominations represented, staff usually spread out to many different churches in the area. While Warm Beach Camp does not endorse any specific church, the following churches are in our area: Warm Beach Free Methodist, Cedarhome Baptist, Stanwood Foursquare, St. Cecilia Catholic Church and Our Savior’s Lutheran to name but a few.

15. Q: Are you affiliated with a specific church or denomination?
A: No, we are not necessarily. We were founded by the Free Methodist denomination but we accept and represent many different denominations.

16. Q: What is the weather like in the summer?
A: As we are famous for in the Pacific Northwest, our weather varies throughout the summer with a few days of rain, but mostly sunny with temperatures from the 65 to 85. Once in a while we will have a few days or even a week of temperatures in the 90's with low humidity.