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Florida students volunteer at Warm Beach Camp for senior trip

Senior-trip-Warm-Beach-CampAt Warm Beach Camp and Conference Center, in Western Washington, we have all sorts of non-profit guest groups throughout the year: youth and family camps, leadership conferences, men’s, and women’s retreats, confirmation youth, quilting groups, Outdoor Education, Scouts, and more. Over this past Memorial Day weekend and into the week, Warm Beach Camp was blessed with a guest group that flies all the way from Florida to be here. The Lakeland Christian School (LCS) seniors end their school year with a big mission trip, and for a number of years they have chosen Warm Beach Camp as their mission.

The 100 LCS seniors worked HARD at Camp. Students repaired trails, built picnic tables and fences, erected tents for summer programs, cleared and chopped felled trees in the RV area, raked, weeded, and barked flower beds and berms, prepared arts and crafts for summer camps, tested lights for The Lights of Christmas, and did an incredible job helping with the general beautification of the grounds. Staff members and other volunteers from Warm Beach Camp worked alongside students the whole time, sharing stories, laughing, and fellowshipping together. 

One of the most special moments was when LCS had morning devotions with the Warm Beach Camp staff. Ed McDowell, Warm Beach Camp Director, shared about the Camp’s mission and the programs offered. The LCS seniors learned they helped “Keep the Path Clear to the Cross” for the thousands of guests who will come to Warm Beach Camp. After devotions, students gathered together outside while the Warm Beach Camp staff formed a circle around them and prayed over them.

Lakeland Christian School educates students in the light of God’s Word to equip them for a lifetime of learning, leadership, service and worship. It took months of fundraising effort for the LCS to get to Warm Beach Camp in Stanwood, WA. We are deeply appreciative to LCS seniors for sharing their mission with us!

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Meet Warm Beach’s Intern, Jessica Graves

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Pony Club Rallies

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