Here is the latest news on the Camp’s current projects:

  • Walkin Installation Project 04Renovation work continues in lower Cedar Lodge. Workers, most of them volunteers, are re-configuring the spaces where the new walk-in cooler and freezer will be installed. In the photo to the right, workman are adding a new beam to provide structural support above the space where one of the walk-ins will be installed. Once installed, the new walk-ins will more than double the cooler and freezer space for Food Service. Installation of these two units is scheduled to begin on November 3. Meanwhile, the plans are coming together for the Cedar Lodge Chapel renovation project slated for 2015 or 2016. These projects are funded by the Embracing the Vision Campaign.

  • We have applied for construction permits for phase one of an indoor box stall barn for the vaulting horses. This first phase entails building a pole barn off the north end of the covered riding arena. Phase two will follow when funds are available, and will include installation of the actual stalls, water, lighting, and flooring. This project is necessary to provide for the care of the vaulting horses.

  • The swimming pools have required a lot of maintenance this year! This spring, we repaired numerous leaks in the large pool. Suddenly, this summer, the small pool’s liner failed and underwent emergency replacement. We are finding more leaks in the large pool, and will need to replace the fiberglass liner soon.

  • Funds continue to come in for the construction of two new Chinook Village dorms to serve the Special Friends Overnight Camps. Each dorm will house 18 people and is designed to accommodate the campers with special needs. Once funding is complete, construction will begin. The goal is to have these two new buildings ready for the Special Friends Overnight camps next summer.

  • The asphalt roads and parking spaces were recently re-striped allowing for safer traffic flow and much improved appearance.

  • Repairs to the sound system in the Program Center Auditorium are underway. The blown speakers are being repaired, sub-woofers added, and equipment installed to better protect the speakers from future damage.

  • New coffee machines are being installed in Maple Center and the Program Center this fall offering improved access to fresh, hot coffee while reducing the staff labor to service these locations.

  • Our thanks goes to a wonderful volunteer, John, who installed roofing on the announcer’s stand at the riding arena. He plans on doing some heavy repairs to the horses’ feed stalls at the Stables, as well.

If you are interested in volunteering to help with any projects, whether you have a few hours or a few days, call Jessica Wilson at (360) 312-3417 or click here to send her an email.