Here is the latest news on the Camp’s current projects:

  • Last fall, the barns at the Stables were painted. There will be more painting going on this spring when the weather gets warmer. The next set of buildings to be painted will be the Stables office/snack shop and vaulting barrel gym. Then all of the buildings at the Stables and Bayview will have a fresh look.

  • CLWallProjectThe repair work on the end-wall in the Cedar Lodge Dining Room is finally getting done! New windows, doors, and exterior finish will dress up the appearance of the building, improve energy efficiency, repair the rot in the wall, replace a broken window, and tantalize us with how nice the rest of that wing will look in the future when similar improvements are made. Work will be completed on this project by the end of this month.

  • The refurbishment of Cedar Lodge Chapel has finally begun. The water and sewer lines have been connected so the two family restrooms just outside the Chapel can be finished. The windows in the Chapel will be replaced, new window coverings installed, and interior and exterior paint will be applied. Interior work will begin this month and continue through May, and possibly into the summer. This is the third and final phase of the Cedar Lodge renovation project made possible by the funds raised through the Embracing the Vision Campaign several years ago.

  • Bids are being received from contractors for the work on installing the new, wider sidewalk from the Senior Community to Maple Center. This project will replace the cracked and broken four-foot sidewalk with a new ten-foot one, improve safety and accommodate more pedestrian traffic. This work will be done between now and the end of May.

  • A major culvert on a section of road leading to the wastewater treatment plant failed recently, resulting in a major sinkhole. This led to an extensive culvert replacement project and road improvements from the Stables to the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

  • We are working through a list of spring projects, getting the roads and grounds ready for summer. Beauty bark is being applied to flower beds on the main grounds, and improvements are being made to the landscaping around Cascadian. Habitat restoration work, planting native plants around Bayview, as required by our County Conditional Use Permit, continues. Extensive work still needs to be done to the gravel roads on the grounds.

If you are interested in volunteering to help with any projects, whether you have a few hours or a few days, call Jessica Wilson at (360) 312-3417 or send her an email.