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Grill the keynote speaker at Men’s Advance weekend

No man should miss this year’s Men’s Advance weekend, March 2-4, 2018, because you’ll get to see a live human getting grilled. And you thought the ropes course was going to be exciting! Actually, we plan to make our main sessions interactive as I, the keynote speaker, take live questions from the audience. Why would we do this? We found this approach scratches a real itch where men clearly need a forum to ask thoughtful and difficult questions about God, the Bible, or Christianity.

What kind of men and what kind of questions? Men who sometimes feel like their questions are taboo and can’t be asked in church, or have been told to “just have faith and believe.” Men who are young in the faith, and those struggling with difficult Bible passages which just don’t make sense. Older disciples feeling their faith tested by the challenges of skeptical friends. Men who are struggling to integrate truth they’ve been taught with the truth claims of Scripture. Men stumbling over Christian stances on moral issues. Men who are seeking and have serious doubts about Jesus because some part of the Christian faith seems utterly unbelievable.

Men’s Advance is a great opportunity to talk openly about the Christian faith and its relationship to reasons and evidence. We’ll explore the basis for the Christian faith from the ground up, which will build you up and challenge you to be a more confident, winsome witness to God’s grace in a dark world. And, as promised, part of the adventure will be opening the door wide to express your questions, doubts, or Bible problems.

So, warm up the BBQ! Bring your friends and watch me be grilled. Don’t forget to register!

thumb RickThiessenRick Thiessen, AC3 Senior Pastor
2018 Men’s Advance Keynote Speaker


What are you doing Memorial Weekend?

Memorial Day Working Weekend is a long standing volunteer event at Camp where people come to help prepare the Camp for summer. Many of the Camp’s veteran volunteers come back each year for this event. They have their favorite jobs and love the fellowship that goes along with the work. Some of our newer volunteers may not have discovered Memorial Day Working Weekend.Working Weekend is when volunteers come and help spruce up the place to get everything ready for the ...

A word to partnering churches and agencies

Thank you to our partnering churches and agencies, some of whom are listed below: Angel Tree - Eagle Outreach Children of the Valley Department of Social & Health Services Eastmont Free Methodist Church Everett Gospel Mission Housing Hope Jubilee REACH Living Word Myung Sung (Lambs Gate) New Day Christian Fellowship Northshore Christian Church Puyallup Tribe Raven Rock Ranch Riverview Community Church Special Olympics, Lake Stevens Union Gospel Mission University Presbyterian Church       Warm Beach Camp desires to strengthen ...

Randy Cloes – A Man on Mission

By Joanie Yonker, Executive Assistant When Randy Cloes said "Yes" to joining the Warm Beach Camp Board of Directors this past summer, little did he know that he was going to increase his mission-mindedness. You see, Randy has been "on mission" for years. Until last spring, Randy knew very little about Warm Beach Camp. Then, he was asked to consider joining the Board. He came to the spring board meeting and began to make inquiries about just what this Warm ...