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Growing Confidence in New Experiences

Finding experiences and activities that your kids truly love can be a challenge. Our son Jonah had a hard time finding an activity he enjoyed enough to do more than once. He played soccer, basketball, ice skating, and even joined a math team, but nothing gave Jonah joy and confidence like ridging lessons at Warm Beach Camp.

We signed him up for riding lessons hoping it might help him find something he enjoys but he found SO much more.

For the first lesson, Jonah made sure we were early and fully prepared, he was wearing jeans and boots we found at the thrift store (he’s more of a gym shorts and flip-flops guy).  He was READY.

The whole group walked into the stables and 30 minutes later out they emerged with horses on a lead rope. I could tell Jonah was nervous, but he was committed to learning. Jonah made it up on his horse, but he was unsure and did not want to be let off the lead rope. There was security knowing somebody was still holding onto him.

The whole first lesson he smiled from ear to ear. He was hooked.

Each week following the lesson Jonah’s confidence grew. In the next lesson, he did not need the lead rope. He continued to gain confidence with every skill. He started off saying no and by the end of week 10, he was confidently giving new skills a try.

On the second to last week, instructor Natalie gave the students their evaluation. As Jonah walked out of the stables, he mouthed with pride, “1-B!” He leveled up!

Jonah found something that not only brought him so much joy, it also developed in him confidence to say yes even when he was nervous or something felt hard.

We are all a work in progress, being shaped by our experiences. Jonah’s experience in riding lessons at Warm Beach Camp is shaping the way he feels about his body, about his skills, and about how he can face things in life that give him anxiety.  The instructors and helpers challenged Jonah to do the hard work and Jonah accepted that challenge.

It was a gift to my mother’s heart to watch Jonah gain valuable life skills through riding lessons at Warm Beach.  He is so excited to start his next session at level 1-B and I am excited to see his skills grow!

-Emily Lambert, Development Systems Coordinator
Warm Beach Camp Ministries

The New Horsemanship Donor Relations Coordinator

Warm Beach Camp is excited to announce Mary-Grace Wallace as the first Horsemanship Donor Relations Coordinator! Mary-Grace was born and raised in Sedro Woolley, Washington. She attended Central Washington University, has a background in Genealogy, a Veterinary Technician degree, and is currently taking online equine classes to expand her expertise within the equine field. Mary-Grace has diverse work experience, including being a Veterinary Technician, a contractor for the Washington State Treasurer’s office for fifteen years, worked as a fundraising consultant ...

Kids 2 Camp Benefit Day

Through Kids 2 Camp, Warm Beach Camp Ministries provides life-changing camping experiences to everyone regardless of economic restrictions. When kids have the same opportunities as their peers to experience worship, fellowship, and fun - transformation happens. Last year, 1,347 individuals were helped with full or partial scholarships. To expand the ministry’s impact on reaching more kids and their families for Christ, the traditional Kids 2 Camp Auction has been reimagined into the Kids 2 Camp Benefit Day. The first Kids ...

God Speaks through Rosie

I have recently been given the opportunity to work with Rosie, one of our newer horses that we are bringing along in training here at the Warm Beach Horsemanship barn. I am always excited to get to know a new horse and their personality. However, it didn’t take long to realize this sweet mare harbored a lot of anxiety and worry. I tried to coax her into calmness with gentleness and patience, but she still didn’t fully trust me. When ...