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Internships bring learning and ministry together.

Build your resume, discover a passion, pursue your goals.

Warm Beach Camp’s internship program is designed to give you a taste of every aspect of Camping Ministry in action. Interns will experience working directly with guests and the behind-the-scenes tasks that make a camp run smoothly. The flexible nature of the program allows interns to contribute to the mission of the organization while gaining skills and experiences that will elevate their resume.

Learn and grow in life and faith.

Spiritual Mentoring

Spiritual mentoring is built into the internship program. Your faith will grow just as much as your resume during the program. Each intern will be matched with a mentor that is a full-time staff person or community leader. Interns will meet regularly with their mentor and debrief their learning experiences, seek wise counsel, and prayer.


Pay and Lodging

  • Interns work shifts at minimum wage, $16.28 per hour. Interns can expect 20-40 hours a week.
  • Classes, Bible studies, shadowing, retreats, other non-work, and learning activities will not be paid time. Enrichment opportunities will often be scheduled in addition to paid work time schedules.
  • Dormitory style lodging is available at $243 per month as is normal for other part-time employees living on campus. Interns living off grounds may do so with permission at their own expense.
  • Meals are available at the Camp dining room, when serving in a program where you are with campers during the meal or working in food services. Otherwise, meals are available at a modest price. Kitchens are also provided in the lodging facilities for preparing meals.

Questions? Email Personnel through the Contact Us form or call 360-216-4262.

Internships at Warm Beach Camp & Conference Center

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Internships at Warm Beach Camp & Conference Center

Your faith will grow

Spiritual mentoring built in.

Internships at Warm Beach Camp & Conference Center

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