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Investing in the Community

Many things combine to build this sense of community. The environment has to be right, as well as the program itself. And the staff must be knowledgeable and caring.

Warm Beach Camp has all of these prerequisites:

  • Exquisite natural environment,
  • Quality programs, and
  • A Christian staff dedicated to providing a terrific camping experience

But even so, there’s one more very important component needed to build community — Excellent Facilities.

Quality facilities are a crucial component of building a strong sense of community. While WBC has some excellent facilities, the camp has reached the point where significant capital improvements and expansion must take place in order to maintain the integrity of its camping experience.

The reasons are plain. People are asking for upgraded and more varied facilities, and more campers and groups would attend WBC if upgraded facilities existed.

“Every fall Regent College brings hundreds of new students, faculty and staff to Warm Beach Camp for a retreat to launch the new academic year. The college uses this retreat to tell its story, or more accurately, the story of God at work at Regent and around the world. Warm Beach creates an inviting space for this to happen because of its comfortable facilities and thw warm relational community of staff who care for us.”Walter C. Wright, Executive Director De Pree Leadership Center; Past President of Regent College, Vancouver, B.C.

Project: Cedar Lodge Renovation

Cedar Lodge is the crown jewel of Warm Beach Camp. This grand facility serves as the central place of community where people gather for meals and meetings. Cedar Lodge needs both a remodel and expansion in order to continue serving the many thousands of guests who attend WBC each year. A seven-phase plan will be implemented during the next 10 years.

The Embracing The Vision Campaign will include the following:

1 Main Floor Restrooms

Phase 1 is currently underway with architectural and structural work funded from the Journey of Faith (JOF) capital campaign. Engineering, permitting, and main floor restrooms are scheduled for Phase 1.

2 Remodeled Chapel

Phase 2 expands and remodels Cedar Lodge Chapel. Cedar Lodge Chapel will eventually become a temporary dining room while work proceeds under a future campaign for an expanded dining room.

3 Expanded Kitchen

Phase 3 remodels and expands the Cedar Lodge kitchen. The present kitchen is grossly inadequate to the current needs of the Camp. Thus, Phase 3 is necessary to improve current kitchen operations and working conditions, and position the kitchen to serve expanding numbers of guests in the future.

“Bathrooms? No problem. Go downstairs, turn right, go CLEAR to the end of the hall. Follow the red signs — you’ll get there eventually.” These are directions WBC staff have given for decades to anxious restroom seekers. But, there is a problem — especially with restroom access for seniors and the disabled. “The ones that I feel the most sorry for,” says one staff member, “are the elderly who have to either navigate the stairs or find the elevator and pick their way around the food service carts in the basement.” The solution: restrooms on the main floor of Cedar Lodge — a key component of the Embracing the Vision campaign.

Funds Required for Cedar Lodge Renovation: $2.3 million

Project: Lodging Facilities

Too often people are either turned-off or choose not to book their group at Warm Beach Camp because of inadequate private-bath lodging.

The Embracing the Vision campaign will correct this problem by:

[h4]1 Expanding Conference Center Lodging[/h4]

This includes Phase I of a new lodge, complete with private baths, located near the minilodges. A new Mt. Baker Cabin #7 has been completed through generous early gifts to Embracing the Vision. By accomplishing these tasks, Warm Beach Camp will be able to serve more guests, and retire the oldest and most worn out facilities.

[h4]2 Refurbishing Existing Lodging Rooms[/h4]

Generous early gifts to Embracing the Vision has allowed Warm Beach Camp to complete the Mt. Baker Village cabins including significant infrastructure improvements, parking, sidewalks, and decks. In addition, Cascadian Lodge will receive new interior décor, sound treatment between walls, and some level of electrical upgrades. This work will significantly extend the lifetime of both facilities.

“Generation Church is growing so fast that we are approaching 1,500 young people this year! We are thrilled that Warm Beach Camp is going to expand and meet our needs to host all of the young people who would like to go to camp. GC Camp loves Warm Beach!” – Christy Adams, Administrator, Generation Church, Youth Division of City Church (Bellevue, WA)

Funds Required for Lodging Facilities: $2.7 million

Ministry is the Connection Between Instructor and Student

About a year ago, a wonderful 85-year-old grandmother entered my life. She approached us with the interest of taking riding lessons after many years of being out of the saddle. Inez grew up with horses and even raised a horse from a foal to his last day on earth. Her daughter was involved in a local Pony Club and Inez had ridden until her kids moved on to adulthood. She deeply missed riding and the bond that comes with riding ...

Hearing from God

The past year has been difficult, bringing physical challenges, relationship losses, and employment transitions. My husband and I came to Warm Beach Camp & Conference Center for several reasons. One of the most important was to hear from God. One of the things I appreciate most about Warm Beach, is it provides the perfect environment to listen to God’s voice. I hear His laughter in the sound of children at play and see His joy on the faces of little ...

Trust in Hope

Hope in the context of the Bible is not the same as hope in the context of our current culture. Our culture often uses hope as wishful thinking, "I hope so…." Biblical hope, on the other hand, is an assurance of a promise that will come to pass! Down at the Stables, we have another "Hope" I'd like you to get to know. A large, beautiful, gentle giant of a draft horse named Hope. As an equine partner in our ...