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Is it Better to give or receive?

Photo by @benwhitephotography on Unsplash

Growing up I looked forward to receiving Christmas gifts. As I got older, I found the joy in giving gifts to be more rewarding than receiving them. To answer the question, “Is it better to give or receive?” one must look at the context of the situation. 

Shortly after arriving at Warm Beach Camp 29 years ago, I had an interesting conversation with Rod Brown who was on the leadership team. At the time, Rod was part of a men’s discipleship group with Pastor Hutch and some of the Seahawks players. Rod shared with me one of the Seahawks players told him he was going get him a new pair of cowboy boots. Rod politely told the player he could not accept such an expensive gift. The Seahawks player then informed Rod that by not accepting his gift, he was denying him the gift of giving. When Rod looked at it through the eyes of the giver, he graciously received the gift. 

Rod’s story changed my whole concept of giving and receiving. It was now about the gift of giving and receiving and not necessarily about the gift itself. Now, when I receive a gift, I may tell the giver that I do not deserve the gift, but I receive it wholeheartedly and with great gratitude. 

Rod’s story reminds me of the greatest gift giver, God the Father, who gave us His only Son so that we may have eternal life. May we receive the gift of Jesus Christ wholeheartedly even though it is a precious gift we do not deserve. May we not only accept this gift, but may we receive it with reverence and joy. 

Merry Christmas! 

Eugene Barnes, General Manager 

Warm Beach Camp & Conference Center 

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