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Just like the Father 

Photo by Ron Lach from Pexels

You must be compassionate, just as your Father is compassionate. 

Luke 6:36 NLT 

“You are just like your father” or “You are just like your mother” are phrases describing similarities for the better or worse with those who have raised us.   

When Jesus says “ just as your Father in Heaven is, so we should be” it is a big statement to receive. 

As a Father of 9 children, I know that my contribution to their lives is mixed, because I have done some really good things while also having made mistakes.  I have had to ask for forgiveness.  I have held love and vision for each child. My example, while genuine, has been far from perfect.  My love, while strong and faithful, has failed at times.   

To some degree, my children’s view of “God the Father” might be influenced by “Ed the father”.  As much as I seek to be a good example, I want my kids to look through me and past me to see what a true and perfect father is like.  I want them to follow the lead of the same father I follow:  God the Father. 

So, what does Jesus say about God our Father?   

Luke chapter 6 describes the Kingdom of God the Father.  It begins with God’s response to our lives in a broken world that He is making new.  God the Father does nothing but bless and care for people living in a tough time.   

God the Father blesses those who are poor.  God blesses those who are hungry. God blesses those who are weeping and hurting. God provides future blessings and rewards for those who are hated, excluded, mocked and treated as evil itself because of believing and following Jesus Christ.  

God the Father understands that we will go through really difficult times.  God the Father sends the Holy Spirit to be with us and care for us.  It is God the Father’s will to be close to us.   

God the Father knows what it means to love people who hate Him and have pushed Him away.  He has done this for centuries.  He doesn’t give up.  God the Father pursues people with love, even in their hatred and anger.  God the Father waits patiently with a simple invitation: “I am here, waiting, come anytime, my Son, Jesus, is happy to bring you to me anytime.” 

God the Father forgives debt, rather than collect on one’s debt.  God the Father does good to all people, even those who hate Him.  He is compassionate, because He genuinely loves and cares for everyone.   

God the Father does not rush to judgement.  He provides a standing opportunity for life to be free from any sentence resulting from a fair judgement of the measure of one’s life.   

This is the Father Jesus is speaking of. 

Encouragement:  May it be said of you and me “You are just like God the Father, you have shown compassion, demonstrated patience, stayed true to Jesus in suffering, and helped people who are hurting right now by finding ways to bless them”.   

Prayer:  Dear Jesus, thank You for describing God the Father to me.  Thank You for reminding me that He is the one to follow and model my life after.  You have done this, and You ask us to do the same.  In Jesus name I pray, Amen 

-Ed McDowell, CEO
Warm Beach Camp Ministries

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