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Kids 2 Camp Scholarship Program

Leave no one behind!

There’s nothing like a camp experience to open a child’s heart to the love of Christ. It provides a time and place to ignite faith, instill character, and implant ideals. Many youth make significant spiritual decisions during or following a camp experience.

The Kids 2 Camp Scholarship Program is designed to be an extension of the local church, to strengthen and support local church ministry, and to help needy kids come to camp. Kids 2 Camp also supports the efforts of social service agencies that are working with some of the neediest kids in our communities.

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Kids 2 Camp funds are primarily given through a local church in the form of a matching scholarship that enables the church to reach more kids than they would otherwise be able to on their own. Individuals who need scholarships are encouraged to seek support through their local church. If a local church is unable to meet a scholarship request, they can contact Warm Beach Camp for Kids 2 Camp Scholarships to match what they are able to raise.

Kids 2 Camp Scholarships are matching funds used to:

  • Reach low income families
  • Reach new children in the community
  • An incentive prize for weekly programs
  • Outreach incentive for church kids to bring un-churched friends to camp

A matching scholarship is a terrific catalyst in energizing donors to give to your scholarship fund. Every dollar you raise becomes two dollars for camp registrations. No one child ought to be left out of a camp experience because of lack of funding!

The Kids 2 Camp Scholarship Program enables you to reach more kids by multiplying your fund raising efforts!

Church’s Steps of Action

  • Church identifies outreach needs
  • Church assesses its own scholarship raising capacity
  • Church evaluates additional scholarship needs and requests matching Kids 2 Camp Scholarships
  • Kids 2 Camp Scholarships help church reach more kids
  • Church decides how to distribute the Kids 2 Camp Scholarships

Social service agencies, individuals without a local church home, and churches who are unable to completely come up with matching funds, are encouraged to contact the Warm Beach Camp Registration Office for more information.

We are committed to strengthening outreach and believe we can work together to Leave No One Behind.

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