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Mount Baker Cabins – The Value of Versatility

When it comes to facility rentals and lodging, nothing beats having options. The power to shape a space for your group’s specific needs is something that Warm Beach Camp and Conference Center’s (WBC) Guest Services team prides themselves in providing. This value is on full display through the most popular facility on the grounds.

The most rented lodging facility at WBC is the Mount Baker Cabins.

These seven versatile, cute cabins are grouped together with their own parking lot and are connected through walking paths and large decks.

The cozy rooms have individual bathrooms, a queen bed, and two sets of bunk beds. This makes the Mount Baker Cabins ideal for a multitude of group types from intimate couples retreats to energetic youth groups that might need a little extra supervision. Each cabin has four of these rooms.

The Mount Baker Cabins are conveniently located well within walking distance of both Cedar Lodge Dining Room and meeting room facilities. This allows the guests staying in the cabins to meet, eat, and sleep within a short walk of each other.

The maximum capacity of all seven cabins combined is 140 people.

This facility is more flexible than any other on WBC’s grounds, and it’s obvious people are drawn to the allure of choosing their own adventure!

If you’re interested in renting the Mount Baker Cabins visit:

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