vol_tinhorn_town250Are you interested in becoming more involved this year with The Lights of Christmas? Maybe you’ve been a volunteer at The Lights in the past and want to do it again. We have a free program where you can hear what’s going to be new for this year, learn about all the volunteer opportunities, and get answers to your questions about what’s up with The Lights. In fact, that’s what it’s called: “What’s Up with The Lights?”

But, there’s more! Here is an opportunity to reconnect with your camp friends, get special discounts at The Camp Store, and we even provide snacks!

What’s Up With The Lights? is on Sunday, October 9th from 3 to 5 pm in Cedar Lodge. Please come join us for this informal time of fellowship, fun, and helpful information. It will get you in the Christmas spirit early this year!

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cl_construction_250“Where are the restrooms?” has been the oft-asked question of guests in Cedar Lodge, and the answer has been as long and complicated as the walk to get there! For more than 30 years, there has been talk about moving the restrooms to the main floor, but, for a variety of reasons, it was never possible. At long last, work has begun on this project, and that long walk downstairs to the restrooms is about to come to an end!

Funded through gifts received from the Embracing the Vision campaign, the work, projected to cost just over $1,000,000, includes replacing the roofing on the A-frame center section of Cedar Lodge, relocating the water and electrical connections to the building, upgrading building infrastructure to meet current building codes, along with the construction of the new restrooms that you will see, and, under them at the basement level, storage rooms that you probably won’t get to see. The new restrooms are expected to open in March 2012.

If you find yourself on the grounds during the construction process, we ask for your patience. As with most improvements, there is a period where, before it gets better, it becomes more of a challenge. We are doing our best to make things as convenient as possible for our guests during this time.

We sincerely thank each of you who have helped fund this work. You have helped us keep a promise! Soon, when the question is asked, “where are the restrooms?” we can say, “right over there!”

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joann_walston250“Come and get it!” Those words may not be heard out loud, but the Volunteer Dining Room Host knows that all the volunteers during The Lights of Christmas will make their way to the Volunteer Dining Room for supper each night. And JoAnn Walston is waiting for them.

For many years, JoAnn has been one of the faithful volunteers that have “manned” this post. From making sure there’s plenty of food, to cleaning up someone else’s mess, to smiling and greeting each volunteer as they arrive, JoAnn has helped make this position one of grace and love shown in service to the Lord.

“It is such a joy to be able to help these people who come in cold and needing something to eat,” JoAnn states, with a smile in her voice. “I just want to warm them up!”

JoAnn is just one of the 100 volunteers that are needed each night during the run of the event to help make The Lights of Christmas happen. From the Parking team and the Greeters out front to the person who helps get the Victorian Carolers into costume or hosts in the Volunteer Dining Room, there is a job that is just right for you.

For a complete listing of volunteer positions and to sign up, go to Volunteer.WarmBeachLights.com or call Jessica Beach at the Camp a 1-800-228-6724 ext. 2276.

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“My experiences at Warm Beach Camp have been some of the most fulfilling experiences for me, both spiritually and professionally.”

These words came from Carrie Harris, one of Warm Beach Camp’s volunteer nurses. She continues, “Warm Beach is one of my favorite places. There are very few places on this earth where my family and I would rather spend our free time. We feel like we are truly on holy ground. We love Warm Beach.”

From weeklong camps to weekend retreats, and ranging from summer youth camps to adult conferences, and The Lights of Christmas, over 70 Warm Beach Camp events each year must be covered by a camp nurse. Volunteer nurses receive room and board for them and their family, plus there are discounts available for family members to attend camp sessions at the same time.

There are almost always needs for camp nurses at Warm Beach for upcoming events. To qualify, the Nurse must be a certified LPN or RN. If interested, please email Jessica Beach at jbeach@warmbeach.com, or give her a call at 1-800-228-6724 ext. 2276, for more information. Discover why, like the Harris family, you and your family will love the volunteer nursing program at WBC!

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Many people give to Warm Beach Camp out of the resources God has given them as individuals and families. We praise God for them. But others have discovered they can share out of the resources of their business, occupation, or professional talents. Here’s how:

  • Many companies have gift matching programs for their employees. Your employer may match every dollar you give to a qualified non-profit organization. See your employer for more information on their gift matching program.
  • In most cases, you can give to Warm Beach Camp through the United Way Campaign in your workplace. Warm Beach Camp is a qualified 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and as such, can receive designated gifts through the United Way Campaign. Simply name Warm Beach Camp as the recipient of all or a portion of your pledge when you fill out your United Way pledge card in this year’s Campaign. Your United Way Campaign Coordinator can give you information on how to direct your pledge to a specific agency of your choice.
  • Volunteer your professional skills to Warm Beach Camp. We are looking for people who are skilled in nursing, the construction trades, office and technical work, building maintenance, and more. Chances are, we can use you.

Give us a call and let us know how you would like to help the ministry of Warm Beach Camp. For more information, contact Gary Kocher at gkocher@warmbeach.com, or call 1-800-228-6724. Together, we can see God do great things in the lives of children, youth, adults, and families.

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Kids2CampWeb250With summer right around the corner, registrations are coming in for the summer youth camps. It also means that we are receiving requests for help through the Kids 2 Camp program. Without financial assistance, some of the children and youth who will be coming this summer would be unable to experience their week at camp.

A number of these kids come from churches and social service agencies who are working with at-risk youth. For many of these kids, a week at summer camp at Warm Beach can be a life-changing experience. In a caring and compassionate environment, each child is presented with the love and gospel of Jesus Christ.

Last year, more than $117,000 was given for Kids 2 Camp scholarships, helping 1,460 children, youth, and adults attend events at Warm Beach Camp. With the tight economy, we know that the need for help will continue this year.

This scholarship program is only possible because of the generous contributions from many, many people. If you would like to help, you may give a gift through this page, or mark your gift for the Kids 2 Camp program and mail it to the Camp.

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help-wanted250Each summer, the Camp seeks to fill between 40 and 45 summer job positions with people who have a desire to serve God, minister to people, and be part of a ministry that touches the lives for Christ. These staffers serve during the two-and-a-half-month period from mid-June to the end of August. In most cases, no experience is necessary.

There are currently summer employment openings for counselors in Youth Camp and Horsemanship Camp, facilitators for Day Camp, Youth Camp, and Horsemanship Camp, workers in food service, accommodations, maintenance, recreation, and wranglers in the Horsemanship program.

Do you know someone looking for something new and exciting to do this summer? They could experience the life-changing work of summer staff employment at Warm Beach Camp. We are looking for those with a passion for ministry, enough energy to last the summer, are at least 18 years old by June, and graduated from High School. Warm Beach Camp may be the perfect opportunity for summer employment!

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Kids-in-PoolAs part of The Lights of Christmas, there is a wishing well set up near Cedar Lodge, and a reflecting pond on the lawn in front of the Lodge. Each year, people at The Lights throw coins into these ponds, and we collect the money for the Kids 2 Camp fund.

At the end of The Lights this year, we collected the coins, dried them off and counted them. The total came to $560!

Thousands of dollars are raised every year for Kids 2 Camp scholarships to send kids to camp, and much of it comes in the form of small gifts from individuals. But it all adds up! And every penny counts. This includes the ones thrown into the ponds at The Lights! Next summer, several children will be able to attend summer camp because of the spare change people throw into the wishing well at The Lights of Christmas.

To all of you who gave to the Kids 2 Camp fund this past year, thank you for making this program possible. Thanks for helping to send children to camp where they can have a fun experience in a loving and caring environment, and have the opportunity to hear the Gospel of Christ. It does make a difference!

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Dad & Me Weekends offer an oasis of quality time loaded with memory making experiences. Every year over 100 dads invest in relationship with their kids through Dads & Sons and Dads & Daughters weekends. Here’s what one Dad said about the weekend he spent with his son:

Dad and SonThe staff was wonderful and we really appreciated all the activities laid out before us, without the pressure of timelines. It was so nice to have a few things structured for us that helped us to have form to our day, yet without pressure. This was a big weekend of firsts for my son, BB guns, archery, canoes, rockets, mountain boards, and his first time on a horse as well. My son really enjoyed the mountain boards most of all! I really appreciated the time we spent bonding, the way the camp leaders helped the boys relate to us as fathers and associated it with the love and guidance of our Father was wonderful. I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful experience and I don’t think either of us will ever forget.

I appreciated the way that Christ was approached gently as well. I have committed my whole heart to Christ, but my son is still in transit. I hope and pray for him to come to that point some day himself and I hope not by the painful path it took me. But the gentle and more relational approach, while still unabashed honesty of the leader’s profession of faith, was at a level where he didn’t tune it out and I think it made an impact. It certainly has laid open the door for further discussion and opportunities. Thank you so much!

Over and over again, Dad & Me Weekends offer testimony of how life changes here. Our 2011 schedule is:

Dads & Sons: June 3-6, September 9-11

Dads & Daughters: June 10-12, September 16-18

We hope to see you there!

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special_friends_2010_280pxThis year, Warm Beach Camp kicked off the summer with Special Friends Camp which is specifically designed for adults with developmental disabilities. Campers enjoyed WBC’s fun activities which include: singing songs, swimming, train rides, horseback riding, the ropes course, and the climbing tower. Activtities are designed to accommodate every individual, regardless of their physical limitations. A recreational staff member, David Lawless said, "One camper didn’t have the mobility or the strength that it takes to climb the ropes course. So the staff just pulled him up with a rope while he made climbing motions with his hands; I have never seen a smile so big."

Although Special Friends Camp is in its fifth year, this will be the first year that WBC has partnered with Camp Barnabas of Missouri in order to host an overnight camp. WBC Youth Program Director Laurie Fertello expects this to be the first of many years in which an overnight camp will be offered to those with disabilities.

Amid the joys and fun memories that typically come with camp, there was also something else which seemed to permeate the loving atmosphere at WBC. Special Friends Camp was conducted with a sense of purpose which could be noted by both counselor and camper alike. In the closing week of the overnight camp, both camper and counselor gathered around a handmade 5 by 3 foot wooden cross. Those who surrounded the cross had a brief ceremony in remembrance of Christ who died for them.

WBC’s Special Friends Camp seeks to bring dignity and hope to the lives of those who are often overlooked. An unexplainable kind of joy is present in this camp and it deepens each year as new people discover Special Friends Camp.

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