Volunteers Graves 260Every organization has to budget for “keeping the lights on.” At Warm Beach Camp that cost just got a whole lot cheaper thanks to a grant from our electrical service provider, Snohomish Co. PUD, and some really hard working volunteers.

Several months ago, WBC received a grant from the PUD that paid for 85% of a $15,000 lighting upgrade project that will drastically improve the efficiency of the lighting in Cedar Lodge. After the ballasts and bulbs have been replaced, the Camp will save over $3,000 a year in energy costs.

Not only this, but all the lights are being replaced by three wonderful volunteers, Bob, Evie, and Rob Graves. Bob and Evie are members of an RVing volunteer organization called Hardhats for Christ. They have pulled their rig onto the grounds of WBC for the next several weeks to take on this huge project for the Camp.

Bob is a retired electrician who worked for 49 years in the trade. Rob, their son, who has joined them for the project, also works as an electrician. Together, the family agrees that they like to do volunteer work because they “love the Lord” and see their work as “a tithe of time and ability.”

Warm Beach Camp would like to thank the Graves family for their time and effort on this project. The outcomes will be long lasting. We praise the Lord daily for volunteers like you.

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2013AuctionEditThe annual Kids 2 Camp Benefit Auction was held on Saturday, August 24. The bidding was fast and furious, and when the dust settled, more than $81,000 was raised for the Kids 2 Camp Fund!

By the end of this year, over $133,000 will have been given out in scholarships, helping bring more than 1,400 campers to WBC. We are committed to not turning any child away because of cost. But this requires funds for scholarships. Each year, many people help provide the financial resources so this can happen.

We are extremely grateful to each one of our auction donors who gave items for the auctions. We encourage you to patronize the businesses who donated items for the auction, and thank the individuals who gave. Click here for the list of donors. We also want to thank all of the very generous bidders who came to the event.

More than the money raised, the success of this event is measured in the lives of the kids who will get to go to camp. Mark your calendar now for the 15th annual Kids 2 Camp Benefit Auction on Saturday, August 23, 2014!

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Partners in Ministry Dinner, Saturday, May 11.

The Partners in Ministry Appreciation Dinner is just days away. Have you made your reservations to attend yet? It’s not too late! I hope you will join us as we share what God has been doing through the ministry of WBC, and take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation to you, our donors and volunteers, for your partnership with us.

ejerickson 175Please join us as our guests on Saturday, May 11, at 6 pm in the Program Center Auditorium for a delicious soup supper, special music by saxophone artist, EJ Erickson, and hear testimonies and reports on what God is doing through the ministry of Warm Beach Camp. Doors open at 5:30 pm.

This is not a fund raising event. There will be no appeal given. It is simply a time of appreciation and sharing how the Camp has used your investments in ministry to make a difference in so many lives.

The people who stand with us as volunteers and donors are vital to making the ministry of Warm Beach Camp work, and we think it is important to tell you that once in a while. The Partners in Ministry members have a huge impact on the ministry of Warm Beach Camp. Come as we celebrate in the joy of the victories God has given us.

I really hope to see you there! 

Please note: reservations are required. Please help us prepare by making your reservations by May 4. You may reserve your place now by emailing the names of the people coming in your party to associates@warmbeach.com, or by calling the Camp at 1-800-228-6724.

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SC Interscession 300A few weeks ago, a group of high school students from Seattle Christian Schools came to Warm Beach Camp as part of their school’s InterSCession program. This program provides the opportunity for students to have a week-long creative learning experience, and gives both teachers and students opportunities to pursue specialized subjects and skills. Students select from a wide variety of optional learning experiences that can be either academic or service and short-term ministry related. One of those options was to spend a week at Warm Beach Camp, volunteering on projects.

Nineteen students and their adult chaperones spent a week here helping with several projects that had to be done to meet requirements of the Camp’s Conditional Use Permit (CUP). Tree planting, blackberry and ivy removal probably don’t make it to the top of most peoples’ “fun list,” but over the course of several days, these students made huge progress on these important projects. Altogether, they gave over 170 hours of volunteer service at Warm Beach Camp.

Staff member Julie Land, who supervised the group said, “It’s not very common for us to get a volunteer group for several days in a row. It was good to get to know them and get our hands dirty. We had a great time!” It was wonderful to have such a great group of young people come and help out!

Volunteer groups like Seattle Christian play an important part in the ministry of Warm Beach Camp. Last year, over 25 groups participated in volunteer work, doing everything from raking leaves, to greeting guests during The Lights of Christmas. If you would like to learn more about how your group can participate in volunteering at Warm Beach Camp, call Jessica Wilson at 360-652-7575 x2276 or check out the Camp's volunteer page at WarmBeach.com.

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WWYouth 300Have you made a list of spring cleaning projects to tackle around your place this year? I can assure you that, at Warm Beach Camp, we have a long list of projects that need to be done before summer arrives! Every year it seems like that list gets longer, and the only way we ever get everything checked off is an annual event called Working Weekend.

Memorial Day Working Weekend is an event that brings volunteers together to help the Camp prepare for the busy summer camping season. Volunteers paint, garden, clean, sew, pressure wash, chop wood, help with The Lights of Christmas projects, provide child care, or help with other important projects.

It’s a great opportunity for individuals, families, and groups to get involved in something significant. When asked what they liked best about volunteering at Working Weekend one volunteer said, “It’s the fun of working alongside other people.” Another said, “I love getting a pair of heavy duty pruning sheers and whacking away at something. It’s really gratifying.”

This year, the event runs from May 24-27. Volunteers arrive and get settled in on Friday night, then the work begins on Saturday morning. Sunday is a day of rest, worship, and recreation. Then, it’s back to work on Monday to complete that list of projects. What a celebration there is at the end because of everything that gets accomplished!

You’re only able to make it for one of the work days? We can still use you! You are welcome to stay with us while you volunteer or commute from home.  Housing and meals are provided for a small fee.

For more information, or to register, go to our website, or call the Registration Department at 1-800-228-6724.

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k2c image-logo2Check out this story from last summer and learn about the life-changing impact summer camp can have in a child's life.

In the quiet stillness of Warm Beach Camp, secret plans were being laid in Cabin One. Counselor "Chip" briefed his guys on the scheme.

     "Okay boys, remember to be perfectly quiet. And don't spill anything!"

With bowls full of water, they turned out the lights, and snuck into the night. As the boys crept up to Cabin Two's door, Chip whispered,

     "One, two... three!"

The boys flung the cabin door wide open and yelled in unison,


Startled, the boys from Cabin Two sat right up in their bunk beds. Not knowing what to think -- the boys from Cabin Two began throwing socks and yelling,


Chip gathered his boys in the center of the room.

     "O.K. guys, settle down, settle down. Cabin One is here to do a foot washing! We know Jesus showed his friends that love serves others, even if that means washing smelly, sweaty feet!"

From rowdy yelling to shocked silence, the boys in Cabin Two slowly started to laugh. Instead of a prank, they were getting... a foot bath?

With that, the Cabin One boys washed their friend's feet. As the boys stepped into the soapy water that night, the odor of stinking feet faded into a sacred, life-changing memory of camp.

Would you like to make a lasting difference in a child's life?
Here's how you can help . . .

Just drink coffee! When you drink coffee from Camano Island Coffee Roasters they will donate 10% of your shipment back to the Kids 2 Camp scholarship program.

Every kid deserves to go to camp. With your help we can make a positive change in a child's life.

Click here to find out how a FREE pound of coffee for YOU can change the life of a disadvantaged child.

Warm Beach Camp
Life changes here


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. . . on the results of summer camps confirmed many of our assumptions.

In this study conducted by the American Camp Association, researchers found that summer camps increase self-esteem and confidence. Consider the following statement:
“Self-esteem does not come from empty praise, but from feeling competent; from having success experiences; from making genuine contributions. Camps are uniquely suited to provide these opportunities to young people.”
What about 6 months later?
In this same study the American Camp Association followed up with the parents 6 months later and found...
More than 96% of parents agreed with the statement, “The people at camp helped my child feel good about him/herself and 92% of campers agreed that people at camp helped them feel good about who they were."
For the average child, self-esteem is . . .
. . . crucial to development. But for kids from disadvantaged backgrounds, self-esteem can be truly life-altering.
Giving kids the time of their lives can change their futures.
Vote with your dollars!
Send a needy kid to camp and change his or her life with just your cup of coffee!
Our corporate partners, Camano Island Coffee Roasters, will donate 10% of every dollar you spend on Camano Island Coffee to the Kids 2 Camp scholarship fund to help a needy kid go to camp.

Click here to find out how a FREE pound of coffee for YOU can change the life of a child.

Warm Beach Camp
Life changes here

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Volunteer1875-240We often say that we could not do what we do if it weren’t for our volunteers, and here is the proof: in 2012, 1,435 volunteers donated 32,403 hours of volunteer labor. That is 22% of all documented work that took place on grounds last year, and a 1,000 hour increase over the previous year’s donated hours.

The largest project where our volunteers played a major role was the completion of the new Cedar Lodge restrooms. Volunteers also completely painted the exterior of Olympic View Lodge, replaced countless windows and doors in staff cottages, tested nearly every Lights of Christmas light string, gardened, cleaned anything that was dirty, power washed anything that was mossy, installed outdoor signs, chopped down trees, planted trees, built cabinets, took care of sick campers, mucked horse stalls, and stuffed envelopes.

Then, there were the events where volunteers helped, such as Memorial Day and Thanksgiving Working Weekends, the Kids 2 Camp Benefit Auction, and The Lights of Christmas, just to name a few.

As you can see, 2012 was a very productive year for Warm Beach Camp volunteers. There simply isn’t enough space to list everything they did this past year, and we don’t dare start to mention names because there isn’t enough room for that either, and we are afraid of leaving out a name or two!

From the volunteer that comes for a few hours to work on a special project, to the volunteers who come and stay for several months, or even longer, the combined effort of each of them was huge! We are very grateful to have so many brothers and sisters who come alongside and help with the Kingdom-of-God work here at Warm Beach Camp. Thank you!

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Last year marked the tenth year of providing a way for any child to attend who wishes to come to camp at Warm Beach, regardless of financial ability to pay. Over those 10 years, thousands of children, youth, and even some adults, have attended camp. In a caring and compassionate environment, each child is presented with the love and good news of Jesus Christ, and for many, it is truly a life-changing experience.

Youth_Camp1040-240Last year, more than $138,000 was given out in Kids 2 Camp scholarships, helping 1,250 campers attend events at Warm Beach Camp. For some, they only needed a partial scholarship to be able to come. But, whatever it takes, Warm Beach Camp is committed to finding a way for that camper to come.

We also worked with more than 30 churches, Christian ministries, and social service agencies who work with at-risk youth. In order to bring groups of their kids to camp, we provide matching funds they can use to raise more money for their kids. Nearly $75,000 in additional funds came from those partnerships in this matching program and provided scholarships for their kids.

The Kids 2 Camp program is only possible because of the generous contributions from many, many people.

Now the process starts all over again for the 11th year. If you would like to help, you may give a gift through our website, or mark your gift for the Kids 2 Camp program and mail it to the Camp. We also ask you to pray for this ministry to marginalized children and youth, that they will see Jesus’ love in every part of their camp experience, and return home with changed lives. Thank you for your prayers.

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k2c_image-logo2Last year we sent over 400 needy kids to Warm Beach Camp through our scholarship program Kids 2 Camp.

Giving kids the time of their lives can change their futures. Kids 2 Camp gives these kids the opportunity to make life-changing decisions and lasting friendships.

But I got to thinking. How could we send more kids . . .
. . . to camp in spite of a tough economy? And then Jeff Ericson at Camano Island Coffee Roasters reached out to me. Jeff suggested that supporters of Warm Beach Camp could support Kids2Camp with money they already spend -- money already spent on coffee.

S200_papua-newguinea_cutout-logoo here’s the idea . . .
For every dollar you spend on Camano Island Coffee, they will donate 10% to Kids2Camp. With just your cup of coffee you can change a needy kid’s life.

To get you started Camano Island Coffee will give you a FREE pound of coffee.

Click here and see the 3 Steps to Making a Difference in a needy kid’s life with coffee!


Thank you,


Ed McDowell, Executive Director
Warm Beach Camp
Life changes here

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