For the second year in a row, the Warm Beach Vaulters were the only Pacific Northwest Vaulting program participating in the team competition at the American Vaulting Association (AVA) National Competition. The Warm Beach Vaulters took 21 participants and three horses to Watsonville, CA, August 9-12, 2008 to compete. Add a comment

by Kathy Rynning

There is definately something special with this team. It still makes me tear up to think about it. It's everything.......first and foremost, the Lord is right in the forefront, and the evidence of it is everywhere. From the group prayer before entering the arena to the special one on one hugs by the coach, Patti Skipton, before each vaulter goes out, to the hugs/tears/smile/laughter when a class is completed. This is very rare and very very special. I think back to when coach Patti and I, Kyle and Danielle all met up to talk and pray, and how Patti explained why she put such an emphsis on team, well, I saw it 'in action' and it was truly a beautiful thing to witness.

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