Take your horsemanship skills to the next level - all year long!

We are committed to providing a safe, caring, hands-on learning experience with horses! This is as close as it gets to owning your own horse! Our horsemanship staff is CHA certified.

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Horsemanship Programs

2017 Horsemanship Camps

Horsemanship CampIf you love horses, this camp is for you! Here's a camp experience totally dedicated to developing your horsemanship abilities. We're committed to providing a safe, caring, hands-on learning experience with horses. This is as close as it gets to owning your own horse for a week! (8 yearls old & up)

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2017 Parent & Child Horse Camps

parent child horse campMay 12-14 or October 13-15, 2017 - Here is the ideal weekend for the horse-lovers in your family! Horsemanship Weekend offers instructional riding, trail riding, and other horse related activities. Moms and Dads can both come with kids. Riders must be at least 10 years old.

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2017 Horsemanship Lessons

Horsemanship Lessons imageRefine your horsemanship skills and learn new ones all year long through weekly lessons. Lessons last approximately 75 minutes and include a short devotional time that helps you grow closer to God.

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Wrangler In Training (WIT)

thumb_100_summer-horsesSummer 2017 - The Wrangler in Training (WIT) program combines training as a Wrangler and Counselor in a summer-long experience for high school age participants. WITs will gain valuable experience working with guests and campers involving safety, horsemanship instruction, group control, and horse care. WIT's apprentice alongside experienced horsemanship staff assisting with trail rides, riding lessons, and all manner of horse and facility care for the next five weeks.

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CHA Standard Clinic

leading storm 100pxJune 19-23 & Oct 2-6, 2017 - test your horsemanship knowledge, and get certified as an instructor through the Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA). The purpose of this CHA clinic is to evaluate the existing knowledge and skill level of the clinic participants and to to grant certification at the level that each participant is able to demonstrate his/her proficiency through out the clinic, not to teach participants how to become an instructor or trail guide.

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Health Conditions

Warm Beach Camp desires to provide a safe and appropriate camp experience for all campers who attend. Due to limited medical staff and facilities, we are limited in the range of special needs and health conditions that can be properly accommodated.

Warm Beach Camp cannot adequately support campers with the following health conditions:
  • Diabetes - cannot accommodate 24 hour monitoring
  • Active Seizure Disorder - Must be seizure-free and with no medication changes for minimum of 3 months
  • Active self-mutilation and self-harm behavior
  • Active anger-management and violent behavior conditions
  • Trach or ventilator dependent campers
  • Anaphylactic food allergies
  • G-tube/J-tube/NG tube for liquid diet feeding
  • Any form of urinary catheter
  • Any form of Ostomies for bowel elimination
  • Any form of port
  • Severe Autism
  • Non-weight bearing, requiring transfers with a Hoyer lift
  • Swallowing disorders that require blended or thickened liquid diet

Warm Beach Camp can accommodate vegetarianism and gluten-sensitivity if advised prior to camper attending camp. However we cannot serve other diets that cannot be accommodated by the camper selecting available options from the food line or special diet requirements including swallowing disorders that require blended or thickened liquid diet.

Warm Beach Camp cannot guarantee campers with anaphylactic allergies will not experience a trigger while at Camp. Warm Beach Camp does not stock, provide, or cook with peanuts. However, our food products may be processed in a facility that also processes peanut products or other allergens. Despite attempts to restrict other campers from bringing peanuts, we cannot guarantee that other campers will not bring peanuts. Campers with severe anaphylactic risks to environmental triggers are not encouraged to register for a session at Warm Beach Camp.

Lisa Tremain

Horsemanship Director

150 Lisa Tremain crop2New Zealand native, Lisa Tremain, is excited to be back at Warm Beach Camp to serve as the Horsemanship Director where she hopes to share her love of horses and God with others. Lisa first came to Warm Beach Camp as a WIT (Wrangler in Training) in 2003, and since has served in other camp ministries throughout New Zealand. She believes horses provide a unique opportunity to teach not only horsemanship skills, but also core life skills including trust, respect, communication and the importance of relationships.