special friends overnight campFun without limits!

Experience an overnight camp specifically designed for people with special needs age 15 and up. Special Friends Overnight Camp is a four day long overnight program at Warm Beach Camp. Overnight campers attend Special Friends Day Camp, and exprience the same enriching program such as swimming, mini golf, challenge course, crafts, and skits; plus outrageously fun parties and campfire in the evenings. All meals are provided.

Campers are provided camp counselor "buddies" who assist campers as needed and help them enjoy all that camp has to offer. Attentive medical staff are available 24 hours a day.

Volunteer staff undergo a screening process and come from youth groups, churches and a variety of community-minded organizations across the country. These volunteers arrive one day before your camp and participate in intensive training, including getting to know your child.

"You have the best program around for [adults with disabilities] to go and enjoy being accepted for who they are!"
"This camp is always the highlight of my son's summer."

Camper Parent

2018 Registration begins Feb. 5

2018 Dates: July 3-6, July 10-13, July 24-27, and August 7-10

Cost: Tier 1: $381 / Tier 2: $458 / Tier 3: $508. Lodging and meals included. 

Warm Beach Camp Special Friends program is a DSHS/DDA contracted provider (Information is requested in application form).

Warm Beach Camp only offers online application and registration. Thank you for your understanding.

Our desire is to prepare the very best camp experience possible and a large part of that is being sure we can safely provide the level of care needed by every camper. So, we are requesting the health information prior to actually confirming a registration rather than requesting this at check-in. For returning Campers, this information is an important way for us to review any changes that may have occurred over the past year.  Warm Beach Camp desires to provide a safe and appropriate camp experience for all campers who attend. 

Note: An application/health form must be completed and submitted to Warm Beach Camp. All applications will be reviewed by the leadership staff to make a determination of suitability. Once a camper is approved, the registration can be completed. A refundable $35 fee is required to apply.

2018 Registration begins Feb. 5

Application Process Steps:

  1. Click "Apply Now" above to go to the list of 2018 camp sessions.
  2. Select the first week of camp > Click "Sign-up", choose to create a log-in or proceed as a guest.
  3. Complete the parent/guardian contact information and enter the name of your camper/attendee(s) to continue.
  4. Click Register&Pay to continue with the payment process submitting a refundable $35 application fee.
  5. You'll receive an email confirming your progress followed by another email with a link to the application form. Please follow the instructions in the email to complete your application.
  6. The application form must be completed and returned for review by our leadership and medical staff before your registration is complete.
  7. You will receive an email notification whether or not we are able to continue with completing the registration process. Expect to hear from us within 4 business days after we receive your completed application.

Register Now
Registration opens Feb 5

Tier Pricing - Realizing families have different abilities to pay, Warm Beach Camp now has a three-tier fee structure to meet everyone’s needs.

Tier Pricing Details

  • Tier 1 – covers approximately 75% of the actual cost of camp
  • Tier 2 – covers approximately 90% of the actual cost of camp
  • Tier 3 – reflects the actual cost of operating and maintaining camp

When you register, you will be asked to select a price tier. This choice is completely up to you and will depend upon which tier you believe will work best for your family’s priorities. We do not ask for documentation of any kind and your choice will not affect your camper’s camp experience. If Tier 1 still presents a barrier, financial assistance through the Kids 2 Camp Scholarship Fund is available through an application process. If you have any questions, contact our Registration Department.

We are able to offer partial scholarships for those needing financial assistance. Scholarships may be requested through our Registrars, at the time of enrollment.

For more information email the Registration Department
or call 360-652-7575 / 800-228-6724 toll free from 8:30am - 5:00pm, Monday through Friday

Health Conditions

Warm Beach Camp desires to provide a safe and appropriate camp experience for all campers who attend. Due to limited medical staff and facilities, we are limited in the range of special needs and health conditions that can be properly accommodated.

Warm Beach Camp cannot adequately support campers with the following health conditions:

  • Diabetes - cannot accommodate 24 hour monitoring
  • Active Seizure Disorder - Must be seizure-free and with no medication changes for minimum of 3 months
  • Active self-mutilation and self-harm behavior
  • Active anger-management and violent behavior conditions
  • Trach or ventilator dependent campers
  • Anaphylactic food allergies
  • G-tube/J-tube/NG tube for liquid diet feeding
  • Any form of urinary catheter
  • Any form of Ostomies for bowel elimination
  • Any form of port
  • Severe Autism
  • Physical or sexual aggression or intimidation (ie: hitting, biting, pinching, tackling, bullying, etc.)
  • Non-weight bearing, requiring transfers with a Hoyer lift
  • Swallowing disorders that require blended or thickened liquid diet

Warm Beach Camp can accommodate vegetarianism and gluten-sensitivity if advised prior to camper attending camp. However we cannot serve other diets that cannot be accommodated by the camper selecting available options from the food line or special diet requirements including swallowing disorders that require blended or thickened liquid diet.

Warm Beach Camp cannot guarantee campers with anaphylactic allergies will not experience a trigger while at Camp. Warm Beach Camp does not stock, provide, or cook with peanuts. However, our food products may be processed in a facility that also processes peanut products or other allergens. Despite attempts to restrict other campers from bringing peanuts, we cannot guarantee that other campers will not bring peanuts. Campers with severe anaphylactic risks to environmental triggers are not encouraged to register for a session at Warm Beach Camp.