How long has Warm Beach Camp had the Challenge Course?
The original course was built in 1996. The High Ropes circuit was replaced in 2007 and the Climbing Tower was refurbished that same year.

Who built the Challenge Course?
The 2006-07 Challenge Course rebuilding and refurbishment was completed by Warm Beach Camp and is in compliance with ACCT (Association for Challenge Course Technology) standards. Professional inspections are performed annually by Synergo, a challenge course consulting and training firm from Portland, Oregon. Synergo is a professional vendor member well established in the challenge course industry.

Is the Challenge Course open year-round?
Half & full day team building sequences can be scheduled year round. Open sessions become available on select days March through November. A portable initiatives program is also available which can easily be set-up in a variety of locations.

When did Challenge Courses become popular? Why?
Challenge courses, adapted from the military, began being used for team-building and training as part of the experiential education movement in the 1970's. In the 1990's, challenge courses became popular as adventure programs increased. Today they can be found at camps, schools, and corporate campuses. Challenge courses are used widely in therapy, corporate team-building, and camp programming.

How many groups do you serve each year on the Challenge Course?
Most of the 300 groups we serve each year have the opportunity for individuals to participate on either the high ropes or climbing tower. Annually 10-15 groups ranging from schools to churches, sports teams to law enforcement, use the challenge course for team-building experiences.

How are the Challenge Course staff trained?
Challenge Course staff at Warm Beach Camp participate in numerous trainings throughout the year, including: a 40-hour Level 1 or Level 2 Challenge Course Practitionaer training. Warm Beach Camp has a certified Challenge Course Manager, as well as Level I and Level II facilitators on staff. Level II facilitators must have a minimum of 200 hours of experience on a challenge course.

What groups has Warm Beach Camp hosted on the Challenge Course?
A variety of school, government, and other non-profit as well as corporate groups have participated on the Challenge Course. The following organizations are among the groups that have participated on the Challenge Course: Marysville-Pilchuck Junior ROTC, Snohomish County Sheriff Department, Ronin NW, Seattle Christian Schools, Western Washington University, Emmanuel Counseling, University Prep Academy, Seattle Walderf School, Jefferson Elementary, Granite Falls Middle School, Ballard High School Football team, 1st  Presbyterian Church Bellevue.

What are common fears or apprehensions people work through on the Challenge Course?
Common fears and insecurities include fear of heights, lack of control and the fear of the unknown. By challenging individuals and teams to face these fears and other apprehensions, it provides the opportunity for growth in self-confidence, trust, communication, and problem solving skills. The objective of the Challenge Course is not just completing the elements, but to allow the process of engaging the activities to facilitate individual and group growth. A person who challenges themselves beyond their comfort zone, learns new lessons about how they react to fear and stress, or learns new insights have accomplished exactly what the challenge course is designed to facilitate.

Do you have to be physically fit to participate on the Challenge Course?
Certain elements of the Challenge Course are physically demanding, but a majority are suitable for all levels of challenge and ability. The objective of the Challenge Course, is experiential learning and does not require each element to be completed. While there is a certain amount of effort required to actually reach the top of a 40 foot climbing tower or go through the entire high ropes course, the same experiential learning could come out of simply putting on a harness and climbing a few feet off the ground. The point of the Challenge Course is personal growth and team building, not finishing all of the elements.

Is the Challenge Course safe?
Your safety is our first concern and it is our goal to mitigate reasonably foreseeable risks. Our Challenge Course meets ACCT (Association of Challenge Course Technology) standards. Challenge Course equipment is regularly inspected and replaced on a scheduled basis. The course and equipment is inspected annually by a third-party Professional Vendor Member to ensure compliance with current ACCT Standards. Most importantly, the Challenge Course staff undergo many hours of training that include technical and facilitation skills, risk management, and rescue skills.