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Randy Cloes – A Man on Mission

By Joanie Yonker, Executive Assistant

When Randy Cloes said “Yes” to joining the Warm Beach Camp Board of Directors this past summer, little did he know that he was going to increase his mission-mindedness. You see, Randy has been “on mission” for years.

Until last spring, Randy knew very little about Warm Beach Camp. Then, he was asked to consider joining the Board. He came to the spring board meeting and began to make inquiries about just what this Warm Beach Camp was all about.

After visiting with several friends on the Board, he began to realize that Warm Beach seemed to fit in with his own ideas for advancing the Kingdom of God. Randy attended a WBC fundraising dinner and found that the Camp was allowing God to work through it to bring people from all walks of life to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and beyond.

Randy has been “on mission” for years. He knows the importance of small group activities from personal experience. He is a member of a couple’s small group and is also involved in a small group ministry for men. Worshipping at Timberlake Christian Fellowship in Redmond, Washington, gives him lots of opportunities for small group activities. Another aspect of his Christian involvement at his church is his involvement in a prayer team – the true foundation of any and every ministry functioning to bring God glory.

Not only is Randy involved in his church, he has joined the ranks of the short-term missions teams by ministering in Burundi, Africa, and Nicaragua. On mission, once again.

When asked why he decided to accept the call to serve on WBC’s Board, Randy said, “I was impressed with the heart of Ed McDowell and the other Board members, and their desire to be used by God. I was humbled to be considered and was impressed with how the Camp is being used. It is an opportunity to be part of something that God is working through and to see Him working.”

Although Randy is the CFO of a commercial bank in Bellevue, he sees far beyond the material to the spiritual. His answer to the question of what he felt his primary function on the Board to be shows the depth of his desire to bring God’s kingdom to Warm Beach Camp. He said, “My function is to help discern the will of God for the Camp.” There is no higher mission than to discern God’s will and help bring it to the forefront in the workings of Warm Beach Camp.

The Camp wants to welcome Randy Cloes, his wife Linda, and his two children to the Warm Beach Camp family. We thank you, Randy, for joining us “on mission” to glorify God by “keeping the path clear to the cross” for people of all ages.


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