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9-hole Mini-Golf Course

Nine holes of fun are waiting for you at the Miniature Golf Course. Located next to the swimming pools and tennis courts, the course is great recreation for all ages.

A round of "Mini-Golf" is a fun time for adults, kids, and families to fellowship and share the "challenge of the greens". After the scores have been added up, everyone can relax and enjoy a snack at the "Eagle Club House", and then enjoy a swim in the heated pools.

You are welcome to use the Miniature Golf Course during the Open Session times or arrangements may be made though the Guest Service office for your group to use the Miniature Golf Course. Advance reservation must be made by the group leader, with a guaranteed minimum use of $25 for a 1 hour session. Group Recreation Reservation Information.pdf

  • .25 cents per ball
  • Group sessions can be reserved in advance through the Guest Service office for $25 per hour
  • Available April - October (as scheduled by Warm Beach Camp)

Disc Golf

240_disk_golf_01Played similar to ball golf, but uses specially designed flying discs thrown at metal "pole holes," or elevated baskets. Nine hole course. No charge.

Disks (frisbees), score cards and maps are available at the receptionist or mini golf course. Generally available year round.

For all group arrangments, a group leader must make reservations as early as possible, at least 3 weeks before the event.
Make reservations today! Please send a message to the Guest Service Department or call at 800-228-6724.

Reservation Policies

Warm Beach Camp & Conference Center reserves the right to qualify all prospective users. Warm Beach Camp & Conference Center provides group rentals to non-profit organizations, governmental agencies, churches, educational organizations. The Camp is not able to serve private parties such as weddings and reunions. As an integrated auxiliary ministry of the Pacific Northwest Conference of the Free Methodist Church of North America, Warm Beach Camp & Conference Center abides by the doctrines and teachings of the Free Methodist Church of North America, as contained in the Free Methodist Church, Book of Discipline (latest edition). Groups, and Programs offered by guest groups, may not be in conflict with the doctrines contained in the Book of Discipline. Rules for acceptance and participation of guests in each group are the same for everyone without regard to sex, race, color, handicap, or nation of origin.

Lindsey Baer-McDowell

Recreation Manager
Lindsey-Baer 2014 150px

Lindsey has a big heart for people and a great love for the outdoors. She has worked in the Challenge Course industry since 2007 and is certified through Association of Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) as a Level 2 Facilitator and Course Manager. Lindsey also has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Children, Youth & Family Studies with an emphasis in Outdoor Leadership. Lindsey’s desire is for people to realize their worth and potential through challenge course/teambuilding experiences.

Kurt VonPessler

Associate Recreation Manager

Kurt Von Pessler imageKurt Von Pessler began his recreation career in 1974 at Camp Lost Valley in California.
He has been a challenge course facilitator at WBC since 1997.

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